Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research

At Stevens we strongly encourage and support the involvement of undergraduate students in faculty-mentored research. It provides a connection to how new knowledge and new technologies are created and the excitement that goes along with this. It allows a student to become familiar with the research process and obtain a deeper understanding of a particular area of interest. Of critical value is the opportunity to develop creative and independent thinking and problem solving skills. These are key enablers for future success whether the student chooses to ultimately pursue graduate research or another career path. At Stevens we have a particular interest in fostering research that has the potential to lead to new entrepreneurial opportunities and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summer Research program described below is one manifestation of that commitment.

The following are particular programs that support students in research experiences. However any student with a good academic record and interest is encouraged to investigate research opportunities by direct contact with faculty members or academic departments/research centers to see what might be of interest. For students in the engineering curriculum, up to six credits of the General Education requirement can be met through research. The science programs offer various means to obtain credit for research.

Stevens Scholars

The Stevens Scholars Program offers qualified students the opportunity to focus on several areas of study, and to either participate in undergraduate research or pursue an accelerated program leading to a bachelor's degree in three years or a dual bachelor's/master's degree in four years. As part of the Scholars Program, we offer special honors seminars at the freshman and sophomore levels in chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and physics.

Stevens requires Scholars Program students to take H183, H184 &  H186 Honors Research Seminars. Upon completion of the freshman year, you must have a cumulative GPA of 3.20 or better.

As a Stevens Scholar, you have the opportunity to work on a special research project with a Faculty Research Mentor during the summer months. Participation in special research is subject to the availability of suitable projects and the approval of a Faculty Research Mentor. Students working on these projects receive a stipend and, if residence hall rooms are available, free campus housing during each summer project period. If you wish to pursue an accelerated program instead of conducting summer research, you can take up to four tuition-free courses each summer.

For more information about the Stevens Scholar program, please contact:

Edward Whittaker
Room 708
Phone: 201.216.5707
Fax: 201.216.5638
Email: [email protected]

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summer Research Program

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Program engages undergraduates in research, design, or business projects for ten weeks over the summer. Students identify a suitable project, select a faculty advisor, and submit a proposal to the Research Program Committee. Faculty review proposals and identify students with whom they will work..

This relationship becomes a unique, student-mentor collaboration for the duration of the project. Often times, the students' work is carried on throughout their student career and integrated into their senior capstone projects.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summer Research students advance technology and enterprise on a high level, attracting the attention of leaders and venture capitalists that support the most critical, high-impact innovation today. They gain invaluable experience in real-world problem solving and create impressive resumes even before graduating from Stevens. What's more, they distinguish themselves as the motivated, creative, and commercial-savvy graduates that top companies and graduate programs demand.

Undergraduate Entrepreneurship

Undergraduate students have a number of entrepreneurial opportunities to prepare them for an exciting and successful career. The Student Elevator Pitch Olympics is a yearly entrepreneurial event that challenges students to pitch their Senior Design project in two minutes or less. The event builds presentation skills and entrepreneurial values, and rewards winners with cash prizes. Additionally, undergraduate Senior Design projects often lead to patent opportunities, providing more entrepreneurial insight and experience.

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Stevens Scholar

Biomedical Engineering student Aidan Zerdoum is helping faculty, funded by the National Science Foundation, discover novel ways to prevent biomaterials-associated infection on orthopedic implants and treat the pathogens that can colonize these devices. As a Stevens Scholar, Aidan traveled to the Netherlands to culture and treat bacteria with experimental medicine. Back at Stevens, he uses a state-of-the-art scanning electron microscope to image slices of the samples and create 3D video renderings.

"I couldn't believe that something like this would be available to me as undergrad," Aidan says.

Summer Research

As an undergrad, Chemistry major Amanda DiGuilio has already had a productive research career. A two-time participant in the Stevens summer research program, she has conducted cryo-electron tomography sample analysis in Germany and is the co-author of a peer-reviewed paper resulting from nuclear pore complex research conducted in the Chemical Biology lab of Dr. Joseph Glavy. In the lab, she works with Ph.D. candidates and faculty to advance her own skills as well as the future of medical science.