Discovery that Drives Innovation

Faculty in the department are at the forefront of research and entrepreneurship. Many hold patents in emerging technology, including sensors and optics. Some patents the faculty hold are:

  • Dr. Martini - US Patent No. 8,013,305: Infrared Wavelength Converter For Imaging Devices Based On Quantum Well Devices
  • Dr. Martini - US Patent No. 8,010,187: Three Dimensional Impedance Imaging Device
  • Dr. Malinovskaya - US Patent No. 7847933: CARS microscopy and spectroscopy using ultrafast chirped pulses
  • Dr. Whittaker - US Patent No 7,073,384: Method and apparatus for remote measurement of vibration and properties of objects
  • Dr. Whittaker - US Patent No 5,636,035: Method and apparatus for dual modulation laser spectroscopy
  • Dr. Strauf & Dr. Yang - US Patent App. 13/324,622: Active Bandgap Tuning of Graphene for Tunable Photodetection Applications
  • Dr. Strauf, Dr. Search, & Dr. Yang - US Patent App. 12/908,419: Phase Coherent Solid State Electron Gyroscope Array
  • Dr. Strauf & Dr. Search - U.S. Provisional Patent Appln. No.: 61/411,139: High Frequency LRC Oscillator from a Graphene Nanoribbon Quantum Dot

By creating an environment that recognizes and rewards innovation and promotes intellectual property, the Schaefer School of Engineering and Science leverages key faculty and student talent to encourage technological innovation. The school fosters an educational environment where undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and industry jointly nurture new technologies from concept to marketplace realization. 

Learn more about the many programs and initiatives at Stevens that encourage innovation and entrepreneurship: