Nanophotonics Laboratory

Welcome to the Nanophotonics Laboratory (NPL) at Stevens Institute of Technology. The lab is directed by Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Strauf, Associate Professor of Physics and Engineering Physics and is located in Room 725 of the Burchard building. Members of the NPL conduct cutting-edge research in the fields of solid-state nanophotonics and nanoelectronics with a particular focus on SWCNTs and graphene.

Research activities of the NPL include fabrication and quantum-optical characterization of functional nanostructured devices made from compound semiconductors as well as graphitic nanomaterials. Nanofabrication is carried out either on campus or at BNL in the Center for Functional Nanomaterials. When structured into quantum dots, photonic crystals, or antidot lattices, these materials offer rich opportunities for fundamental research of light-matter interaction down to the ultimate quantum limit where one can control and manipulate single electrons, excitons, or photons.

Device applications are in classical and quantum information processing such as quantum cryptography. To this end we explore cavity-embedded SWCNTs for their utility in single photon sources. Another topic aims to realize scalable quantum photonic devices based on vertical QDs and photonic crystal nanocavities.

Collaborative activities with Prof. EH Yang's group from Stevens ME address graphene photonics with a particular focus on CVD growth, strain-actuated graphene ribbons, and graphene antidot superlattices, which both offer novel applications in broadband light detection from VIS to FIR.

Furthermore, we explore novel ways to fabricate plasmonic nanogap arrays with high throughput and at low cost based on interference lithography. Our technique allows to reliably write feature sizes down to 20 nm, which is 24 times smaller than the laser wavelength utilized for optical exposure (488 nm blue laser).

For more details see project descriptions, publications, and highlights.

Brief History: The research group was founded at SIT in September 2006. The first 16 months were used to design (Cubellis), build, and establish a 1600 ft2 renovated laboratory facility with 220 ft2 optical benches. The infrastructure for this lab was finished by various outside contractors in Jan. 2008 and the research activities started with the first Ph.D. student joining the group. The NPL provides researchers and students with one of the most advanced facilities for experimental research on campus.

For more information please contact Professor Strauf at [email protected]