Nanomechanics & Nanomaterials Lab

The Nanomechanics and Nanomaterials Group at Stevens is interested in studying the behavior of advanced material systems at the nanoscale. Particular material systems of interest include polymers and polymer nanocomposites, as well as thin film and piezoelectric materials of interest in MEMS applications.

Current research efforts of the group include micro/nanomechanics, processing-structure-properties of polymer nanocomposites, and piezoelectric approaches for energy harvesting applications.

From left: Lin Dong [Masters student, ME], Jon Belkowitz [PhD student, ME], Professor Fisher, Youn-Su Kim [post-doc], William Robbins [sophomore, ME], David Barth [senior, ME], Alyssa Antropow [sophomore, Chemistry], Travis Heithoff [senior, ME], Laura Barito [senior, ME].

Not pictured: Juan Coronel [senior, Physics]