Research Facilities

Burchard (513) Lab and Carnegie Lab 

Our laboratory is equipped with extensive equipment for the preparation and characterization of nanostructures of 1D and 2D layers, including AFM system (Nanonics MV1000 and MV2000), Raman spectrometer (Horiba XPLORA), galvanostat/potentiostat (Princeton Applied Research 263A-1), digital microscope (Hirox KH300LCD), goniometer/tensiometer (Ramé-Hart Model 250), thermal evaporator (LADD Research), a pulsed laser deposition system using Nd:YAG laser (wavelength: 355nm) with a vacuum chamber, critical point dryer (Tousimis Samdri 780A), electrical measurement tools (spectrum analyzer (Advantest R3131A)), signal waveform generator (Agilent 33250A), digital oscilloscope (GW-INSTEK GOS-620), source meter (Keithley 6487) instrument), hot plates (VWR and PMC Dataplate 720), refrigerator, fume hood (Saint Charles), home built anodic bonding station, nanomanipulator (Zyvex KZ100), scale (Acculab ALC 80.4), an atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition (APCVD) system and a low pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD) system. The APCVD system has a furnace (Lindberg/Blue STF55346C) with temperature control capability up to 1100°C, which enables programmed temperature control with three different temperature zones. The system is optimized to synthesize graphene and includes a 3-inch quartz tube for a large amount of graphene material production. The LPCVD system (MTI OTF-1200X) includes direct drive high vacuum pump (Welch 8907A) for up to 0.4 mTorr. Both APCVD and LPCVD include mass flow controllers (Aalborg GFCS 014365) for the precise introduction of reaction gases.

Clean Room

The multi-user Micro Device Laboratory (MDL) is housed within an 800-square-foot clean room at Stevens. The following pieces of equipment will be available within the facility for the proposed project: a complete lithography system including Mask Aligner (Karl Suss MA6), Nanoimprinter (Nanonex), Spin Coater/Drier (Headway Research), Solvent Bench (Clean Air Products), Wet Etch Bench (Clean Air Products), Laminar Hood, Hotplate System (Alpha Multiservices), Ovens (Alpha Multiservices), and Surface treatment (O2 plasma asher, UV cleaner). For nanoscale characterization: Nanomanipulator (Zyvex KZ100), Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope, two Atomic Force Microscopes (Nanonics, Pacific Nanotechnology), and Small-Angle X-ray system. For deposition: Molecular Vapor Deposition system, Physical Vapor Deposition system (Denton Vacuum), Thermal Evaporator (Ladd Research), and Sputter Coater (Pelco) are installed. In addition, Deep Reactive Ion Etcher (DRIE, BMRTek), XeF2 Etcher (Xactix), and Inductively Coupled Plasma Etcher (ICP, BMRTek) are available along with other testing equipment such as Microscope (Nikon) and Probe Station (Signatone).

Burchard (513) Lab Equipment Overview
Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition (LPCVD) system:
LPCVD Vacuum Pump:

Raman Spectrometer (Horiba XPLORA):

AFM System (Nanonics MV1000 and MV2000):

Goniometer/Tensiometer (Ramé-Hart Model 250):

Galvanostat/Potentiostat (Princeton Applied Research 263A-1):

Digital Microscope (Hirox KH300LCD):

Thermal Evaporator (LADD Research):

Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition (LPCVD) system:

LPCVD Vacuum Pump:

Mass Flow Controllers (Aalborg GFCS 014365):
Graphene Mechanical Roller:

Nanomanipulator (Controller, power, and electrics):

Nanomanipulator (Probes):


PLD Vaccuum Chamber:

Digital Oscilloscope (GW-INSTEK GOS-620):

Power and Energy Meter (Scientech 365):

Network Analyzer (Hewlett Packard 3577A):

S-Oarameter Test Set (Hewlett Packard 35677A):

Dual Output DC Power Supply (Agilet E3649A):

Scale (Acculab ALC 80.4):

DI Water Filtration System (Millipore):

Fume Hood (Labconco):

Fume Hood (Labconco):

Flammable Chemical Cabinet:

Oven (Dovebid 1350 FM):

Digital Hot Plate / Magnetic Stirrer (IKA C-MAG HS7):

Hot Plate (Thermo Scientific Cimarec):

Digital Hot Plate (Dataplate PMC 720 Series):

Emergency Shower/Eyewash:


Carnegie Lab Equipment Overview

Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition (APCVD) System:

Mass Flow Controllers (Aalborg GFCS 014365):
Critical Point Dryer (Tousimis Samdri 780A):
Home Built Anodic Bonding Station:
Gas Cabinet:
Gas Cabinet:
Fume Hood:
Emergency Shower/Eyewash:
DI Water Ultrafiltration System: