Our laboratory is a 2,300 square-foot research facility with three experimental capabilities:



Major equipment includes:

  • Piezoelectric inkjet printer (Dimatix DMP2800)
  • Ultrasonic microplotter (SonoPlot GIX II
  • Two 3D printers (Maker Bot) modified for colloidal inks
  • UV exposure system for photoresist patterning (ABM)
  • Nikon Ti-E automated inverted fluorescent microscope equipped with an environmental chamber for long-term microfluidic cell culture
  • BotMini spray dryer (Buchi 190) for nanocomposite microparticles production
  • Electrochemical cell tester (Maccor 4304)



Nanomaterial Synthesis, Self-assembly, and Inkjet printing

  • Piezoelectric inkjet printer for material printing (FUJIFILM Dimatix Materials Printer, DMP2800)
  • Ultrasonic microplotter fluid dispensing system for material deposition (SonoPlot, GIX Microploter II)
  • Two 3D printers (Maker Bot) modified for colloidal inks
  • BotMini spray dryer (Buchi 190) for nanocomposite microparticles production
  • Ultrasound nozzle for spray deposition (Sono-tek)
  • Electrochemical cell tester (Maccor 4304).  
  • Dipping robot for layer-by-layer self-assembly experiments (Riegler & Kirstein GmbH, DR-3)
  • Annealing furnace up to 1350˚C with variable pressure range and gas compositions (custom built)
  • Tensiometer for surface tension measurement using the Wilhelmy method up to 130 mN/m with 10 µN/m resolution (Kibron, Delta Pi)
  • Viscometer for viscosity measurement with 1.5 ml of fluid and water bath for temperature control (Cambridge Viscosity, VISCOlab450)
  • Direct-Q™ 3 System for producing ultrapure and pure de-ionized water (Millipore)
  • Balance (Mettler)


Microfluidic Device Design, Fabrication, and Operation

  • UV exposure system (350-400 nm) for photoresist patterning (ABM)
  • Hot plate for fast baking of photoresist films (Sawatec, HP 150-250)
  • Mixer for PDMS precursors (Thinky, ARE-250)
  • Stereomicroscope for alignment of PDMS layers (Nikon SMZ-1500)
  • Spin coater for wafers up to 100 mm diameter (Laurell Technologies, WS-400E-6NPP-Lite)
  • Hole-punching machine to create external microfluidic connection holes (Technical Innovations, Model Manual)
  • Plasma surface treatment system (Harrick, Plasma PDC-001)
  • Oven for curing and bonding PDMS devices (Daigger)
  • Balance (Cole-Palmer, Symmetry)


Real-Time Imaging during Cell & Tissue Culture

  • Nikon Ti-E automated inverted fluorescent microscope with mono digital camera and NIS-AR image analysis control software in an In Vivo Scientific environmental chamber with independent control for temperature, humidity, and gas compositions.
  • UV spectroscopy integrated with SMA fiber optics and 18 µL micro-flow cells for concentration measurements (Avantes, AvaSpec-ULS3648-USB2)
  • 2 Isotemp water-jacket CO2 incubators (Fisher)
  • Purifier class II Biosafety cabinet (Labconco)
  • Freezer-refrigerator (GE)
  • Centrifuge (IEC, Micromax microcentrifuge)
  • Vortexer (Barnstead International, Maxi Mix II)
  • Waterbath (Fisher, Isotemp 205)
  • Optical microscope (Basler Vision Technologies, A601F Firewire Mono Cam)
  • Inverted microscope with 4x, 10x, and 20x lenses (Fisher)
  • 6 Syringe pumps (KD Scientific)
  • Balance (Cole-Palmer, Symmetry)