Summer Research Institute - 2010

The inaugural offering of the Summer Research Institute (SRI) was held June 7 to July 30, 2010 at the Stevens Institute of Technology campus in Hoboken, NJ.

The SRI was a collaborative initiative developed across the entire CSR research enterprise and created with the following program objectives:


  • Expose a diverse group of students from a variety of academic disciplines to MDA, the MTS, and the sensor technologies used in Port Security applications.·    
  • Encourage students to think along the same lines as public and private, industry and government stakeholders and homeland security practitioners to understand the complex challenges in maritime and port security operations.
  • Engage students in rigorous research activities that produce innovative work and quality research outcomes that result in published papers and presentations.
  • Cultivate a strong and active alumni network to promote and support future SRI offerings.
  • Enhance the interest of students to pursue advanced academic study and/or careers in the homeland security and maritime systems domain.

Faculty members from each of the six CSR partner universities participated at various stages throughout the eight-week program contributing their teaching talents and subject matter expertise to expose students to the marine transportation system (MTS) and the tools and technologies used in maritime and port security applications.

Student Participants

Altogether twenty-six students were admitted into the eight-week intensive summer research program. Twenty-two of the student participants represented the CSR's partner universities including:

  • Eight students from Stevens Institute of Technology,
  • Four from Rutgers University,
  • Four from the University of Miami,
  • Four from the University of Puerto Rico, and
  • Two from Monmouth University, and
  • Four additional students were selected from other U.S. universities including two students from the University of Guam, one student from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and one student from Morgan State University.  

Eleven of the students were Master's and/or PhD students and 15 were undergraduate students in their junior and/or senior year of study. Altogether, the students represented a broad base of academic disciplines including Biology, Computer Science, Criminology, Electrical Engineering, Marine Policy, Maritime Systems, Mathematics, Oceanography and Systems Engineering. 

The students were organized into four research teams mirroring the research arms of the CSR in Acoustics and Electro-Optics, HF Radar, Satellites, and Systems Thinking. Working closely with designated faculty mentors the students were given the collective challenge to research the utility of their respective sensor technologies to detect small vessel threats, using the Hudson River Estuary as their test bed.  In the case of the Systems Thinking team, students were given the challenge to develop a detection, response, and resilience strategy focusing on vessel threat scenarios outlined in the 2008 DHS Small Vessel Security Strategy.

Program Outcomes

Each of the student teams was responsible for preparing a final research paper and presenting their research in a formal presentation to CSR faculty and invited guests.

Copies of the student research team papers and presentations can be reviewed and download via the follow web links:

SRI 2010 Student Papers and Presentations





Acoustics & Electro-Optics

Acoustics & Electro-Optics

Acoustics & Electro-Optics

Wojciech Czerwonka (U. of Guam), Andreas Graber (U. of Miami), Qing Li (Stevens), Ariel Marrero (U. of Puerto Rico), Talmor Meir (Stevens), Walter Seme (Monmouth Univ.), Saiyam Shah (Stevens)

HF Radar

Small Vessel Detection with UHF Radar on the Hudson River

Small Vessel Detection with UHF Radar on the Hudson River

Dakota Goldinger (Rutgers), Danielle Holden (Rutgers), Lenny Llauger (U. of Puerto Rico), Omar Lopez (U. of Puerto Rico), Shankar Nilakantan (Rutgers), Angelica Sogor (U. of Miami)


Satellite Applications for Port Security and Resilience


Waleed Alsaedi (Stevens), Joseph Bongi (Monmouth Univ.), Felisa Fernandez (U. of Guam), Blake Picolo (U. of Miami), Michael Trent (Stevens), Catherine Strez (Stevens)

Systems Thinking

An Overall Detection-Action-Resilience Strategy for Small Vessel Security in the Port of New York and New Jersey

Detection-Action-Resilience Strategies for Small Vessel Security

Nazanin Andalibi (Stevens), Blake Cignarella (Rutgers), Tanaira Cullens (Morgan State Univ.), Hardik Gajjar (Stevens), Leonid Lantsman (John Jay College), Jose Mesa  (U. of Puerto Rico), Tiffany Walter (U. of Miami)


 For additional information about the 2010 SRI, please contact Beth Austin DeFares, Director of Education, CSR, at [email protected] or by phone at 201.216.5362.