Partner Organizations

Academic Partners

Stevens Institute of Technology (Lead University)
Michael Bruno, Dean School of Engineering and Science and MSC PI - Email: [email protected]
Julie Pullen, Director of Research MSC  - Phone: 201.216.8058 / Email [email protected]
Beth Austin-DeFares, Director of Education – Phone: 201.216.5362 / Email: [email protected]
Hady Salloum, Associate Dean for Research – Phone: 201.216.8575 / Email: [email protected]

Elizabeth City State University (ECSU)
Mohammed M. Hasan, Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science
Phone: 252.335.2689 / Email: [email protected]

Florida Atlantic University (FAU)
Manhar Dhankar, Professor and Director, SeaTech, Phone: 954.924.7242 / Email: [email protected]

Louisiana State University – Stephenson Disaster Management Institute (LSU SDMI)
Brant Mitchell, Director, Research and Operations, SDMI – Phone: 225.578.5939 / Email: [email protected]

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Center for Transportation and Logistics (MIT CTL)
Jim Rice, Deputy Director, Center for Transportation and Logistics - Phone: 617.258.8584 / Email: [email protected]

University of Miami - CSTARS
Hans Graber, Director, CSTARS – Phone:  305.421.4952 / Email: [email protected]

University of Puerto Rico- Mayaguez (UPRM)
Jorge Corredor, Professor, Chemical Oceanography - Phone: 787.899.2048 ext. 244 / Email: [email protected]

Non-University Partners