Maritime, Island and Remote and Extreme Environment Security (MIREES)
The Center for Maritime, Island and Remote and Extreme Environment Security (MIREES) is a university-based DHS Science & Technology Center of Excellence led by Stevens Institute of Technology and the University of Hawaii.  As a Center of Excellence (CoE), MIREES leverages the physical infrastructure and intellectual capital of its academic, industry and government partners to conduct innovative research, develop new tools and technologies, and provide relevant maritime security focused educational programs to enhance our nation's maritime domain awareness and the technical skills and leadership capabilities of our current and prospective maritime security workforce.

MIREES is comprised of two sister research centers:
Stevens Institute of Technology leads the National Center for Secure and Resilient Maritime Commerce (CSR), in collaboration with a unique consortium of academic, industry and government partners.  The Center's research focuses on enhancing maritime domain awareness through the use of sensor technologies, including Acoustics and Electro-Optics, HF Radar and Satellites, to form a layered approach to maritime and port security applications.  The Center also leverages systems engineering tools and technologies that can be used to enhance the resilience of ports and the marine transportation system.

The CSR's sister research center, The National Center for Island, Maritime and Extreme Environment Security (CIMES) led by the University of Hawaii, focuses its research efforts on the safety, security and protection of extreme and remote environments. With complementary and parallel objectives, CIMES leverages autonomous systems and emerging sensor technology in coastal radars, acoustics and air/space-borne platforms to enhance situational awareness for decision makers and first responders.