Graduate Certificate Programs

Graduate Certificate Programs
The Department currently offers graduate certificates in Applied Statistics and Stochastic Systems. Each program consists of four courses, including one elective chosen with the consent of the departmental advisor. Most courses may be used toward a master's degree, as well as for the certificate.  The required courses and list of approved electives are included below.  Admission requirements are the same as for the master's programs.

Applied Statistics
Required Courses:

  • MA 552 Axiomatic Linear Algebra
  • MA 611 Probability
  • MA 612 Mathematical Statistics

Typical electives:

  • CE 679 Regression and Stochastic Methods
  • MA 641 Time Series Analysis I
  • MGT 718 Multivariate Analysis
  • MGT 730 Design and Analysis of Experiments

Stochastic Systems
Required courses:

  • MA 611 Probability
  • MA 623 Stochastic Processes
  • MA 629 Nonlinear Optimization

Choose one elective:

  • MA 612 Mathematical Statistics
  • MA 630 Advanced Optimization Methods
  • MA 661 Dynamic Programming & Stochastic Optimal Control
  • MA 662 Stochastic Programming

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