Graduate Programs

The Department offers the degrees Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Science.  Four-course graduate certificates are also available.

Graduate Degree Programs

  • Ph.D., Mathematics
  • Master of Science, Mathematics
  • Master of Science, Applied Mathematics
  • Master of Science, Stochastic Systems and Optimization

Stevens offers a Master of Science in Financial Engineering. This program is now administered out of the School of Systems and Enterprises.

Graduate Certificate Programs

Each Graduate Certificate program consists of four courses, including one elective chosen with the consent of the departmental advisor. Most courses may be applied toward a master's degree should, as well as counting toward the certificate.


Admission Criteria and Application Requirements

Applications to all graduate programs, degree and certificate, must be prepared and submitted according to the Stevens Office of Graduate Admissions regulations.  Instructions and forms may be found on the Graduate Admissions web site (  Notice that the procedure is different for domestic and international applicants.  The following sections describe requirements specific to graduate programs in the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Master Degree and Certificate Programs

Adequate undergraduate preparation for admission to any master degree or certificate program includes analytic geometry and calculus, elementary differential equations, one semester of linear algebra, and one semester of probability or probability and statistics. It is possible to be admitted with the requirement that you make up a deficiency in preparation. Applications to any master degree or certificate program should include

  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Official transcripts and diplomas.  For non-English speaking institutions, these documents must be accompanied by a certified English translation
  • GRE General Test scores (not required for certificate programs)

Doctoral Program

Admission to the doctoral program requires the preparation specified above.   If your goal is a Ph.D., you should apply directly to the doctoral program and not to a master's program. In order to receive full consideration, applications to the Doctoral Program should be received by February 15 for admission in the Fall Semester, and October 15 for admission in the spring semester. Because of constraints due to course scheduling, admission for the spring semester is not always feasible and may depend on the student?s preparation. In addition, financial aid is usually not available for students admitted in the spring semester. Applicants requesting financial aid should apply by February 15 and clearly state that such aid is being requested. 

Applications to the doctoral program should include the following items, all of which enter into the Graduate Program Committee's evaluation of applicants:

  • A personal statement that, in a succinct manner, describes the student's mathematical background and interests, motivation and goals for pursuing a Ph.D. degree, and how the student's mathematical interests align with the research strengths of the department faculty. This should not exceed two pages.
  • Official transcripts and diplomas. For non-English-speaking institutions, these documents must be accompanied by a certified English translation.
  • Letters of recommendation: at least two; at most, four.
  • GRE General Test scores (Math Subject Test recommended).
  • TOEFL score for international students. The TOEFL score is particularly important if the student wants to be considered for a Teaching Assistantship (see the section on Teaching Assistantships).


Financial Aid

The Department supports a limited number of Ph.D. students through teaching assistantships which entitle the recipients to a salary and a waiver of their tuition costs. Teaching assistants are considered for renewal each year, depending on the student?s progress towards graduation and performance evaluations as a teaching assistant. Save for exceptional cases, Teaching Assistantships are normally not granted for more than five years and are usually available only for students entering in the Fall. In any case, applications should be received by the deadlines mentioned above under the heading Admission Criteria.

Students who wish to be considered for a Teaching Assistantship beginning their first year should mention this in their Personal Statement. Students with prior teaching experience are encouraged to submit additional documentation that addresses their teaching skills, such as letters of recommendation, evaluation forms, teaching awards, etc. However, no teaching experience is required for an incoming student to be considered for a Teaching Assistantship.

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