Life, Light and Satellites - Schedule of Events

UPDATED SCHEDULE OF EVENTS (due to weather inclemency)
11:00 - 11:10am:
Rainer Martini and Dean Michael Bruno (SIT) "Welcoming Notes"
11:10 - 11:50am:
LLLAB Students (SIT)
Overview of current activities at the Light and Life Laboratory"
11:50am - 12:10pm:
Rune Storvold (NORUT)
"Filling the Data Gaps in the Arctic using Small Unmanned Aircraft: Possibilities and Challenges"
12:10 - 12:30pm:
Michael Mishchenko (NASA GISS)
"Morphology-Dependent Resonances of Nonspherical and Inhomogeneous Water Droplets"
12:30 - 12:50pm:
Tomonori Tanikawa (JAXA)
"GCOM-C: History of a Satellite Snow Product"
2:30 - 2:50pm:
Jacek Chowdhary (NASA GISS)
"The Polarizing World According to the Mantis Shrimp"
2:50 - 3:10pm:
YongXiang Hu (NASA Langley)
"Is the Earth’s Climate in the State of Maximum Entropy Production?"
3:10 - 3:30pm:
Xiaozhen Xiong (NOAA)
"Space-borne Observation of CH4 and N2O using Thermal Infrared Sounders"
3:30 - 3:50pm:
Hans Eide (University of Oslo)
"70 Years of Computing"
4:10 - 4:30pm:
Banghua  Yan (NOAA)
"NOAA Coast Watch Okeanos Ocean Color Operational Production System"
4:30 - 4:50
Warren Wiscombe (NASA GSFC, emeritus)
"The Birth of DISORT"
4:50 - 5:10pm:
Jakob Stamnes (University of Bergen, emeritus)
"From Optical Remote Sensing of the Earth to Non-Invasive Diagnostics of Skin Cancer"
5:10 - 5:30pm:
Knut Stamnes (Stevens IT)
"(Radiative) Transfer from Roest to Hoboken: a Viking's Journey"
5:30 - 6:00pm:
Wrap-up, group photo, etc.