Stevens is at the forefront of innovative entrepreneurial endeavors that help solve the most pressing technological problems faced by society today and into the future. By creating an environment that recognizes and rewards innovation and promotes intellectual property, the Institute leverages key faculty and student talent to foster innovation in science and engineering. Students, faculty, and industry jointly nurture new technologies from concept to marketplace realization. This dynamic, collaborative community has earned numerous patents and Technology Transfer successes.

Undergraduate students are encouraged to use their ingenuity and the knowledge they gain from classes to produce substantive deliverables through Senior Design projects. Projects are designed to meet the needs of industry sponsors as well as the educational goals of the school, and the products often evolve into patents or startup companies beyond graduation. Learn more about Senior Design and the Senior Design Exposition. 

From cognitive radio networks to antibiotic orthopaedic implants, faculty and students in the School of Engineering and Science are collaborating to transcend the boundaries of their disciplines with creative solutions that have real-world impact.

Stevens Startup SpiderRadio Develops Faster Wireless Connections

Creating new global market opportunities.

Dr. Chandramouli develops complex technologies that drive "cognitive radio" for wireless communications devices to intelligently scan the radio environment and identify the best frequencies over which to transmit and receive data.

Graduate Student and CEO of Concrete Company Extends the Life of America's Infrastructure

New nanosilica concrete creates stronger, longer-lasting, greener construction materials.

Every day, concrete structures crack and erode prematurely due to a chemical reaction that causes fissures in the material as it sets. Doctoral student Jon Belkowitz and CEO of Intelligent Concrete plans to put an end to this problem through his study of chemical reactions within concrete at the nanoscale.

Safer Medical Implants

Innovative technology repels bacteria, delivers localized antibiotics, and assists bone cell adhesion.

Professor Matthew Libera was awarded a patent for an innovation in the dynamic multi-billion dollar orthopedic implant market. The patent could lead to improved implants that repels bacteria, delivers localized antibiotics, and assists bone cell adhesion.

Senior Design Team Creates App to Save Lives

BizTech and Computer Science Team Up for Humanitarian RescueMe Phone App

The goal of the undergraduate Senior Design team is to use technology to prevent those trapped in an earthquake or mine disaster from suffering a slow death under the rubble. This earthquake and mine rescue senior design project has created a messaging technology that is now available worldwide as a free Apple® iPhone download named RescueMe Phone.

Tiny Robots Harness Power and Monitor Health

Controlling nano-electro-mechanical sensors and actuators for real world application.

Advances in nanotechnology are leading to dramatic new devices that can fundamentally improve our quality of life in fields ranging from healthcare to energy harvesting. While the potential applications are easily understood, the truly unique aspect about Dr. Yong Shi's research is his unparalleled ability to develop and control these materials.