Faculty Profile

Dr. Marie-Aude Pradal

Building: Davidson Lab
Room: 236
Phone: 201.216.5284
Email: [email protected]
School:  Schaefer School of Engineering & Science
Department:  Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering

PhD in Sciences of the Marine Environment, 2006, Centre of Oceanology of Marseilles, University of the Mediterranean (Aix-Marseille II), France. Dissertation title : Numerical modeling of the circulation in the Bay of Marseilles, application to the project Artificial Reef Prado (deployment of artificial reef in the Bay of Marseilles)

The pdf of the dissertation can be found on the Centre of Oceanology of Marseilles website : http://www.com.univ-mrs.fr/LOB/ecrire/memoire-Pradal.pdf


Certificate in Pollution of Aquatic Environments, 2002, University of the Mediterranean (Aix-Marseille II), France


M.S. Sciences of the Marine Environment, Major in Physical and Coastal Oceanography, 2001, Centre of Oceanology of Marseilles, University of the Mediterranean (Aix-Marseille II), France

MS dissertation : Depth inversion algorithms - application to remote sensing of the shoaling waves. Advisor : Pr Stéphan Grilli - University of Rhode Island


B.A. Sciences of the Earth and the Universe, 1999, University of the Mediterranean (Aix-Marseille II), France


The research of Dr Pradal has mostly focused on the numerical modeling of the hydrodynamics in coastal waters.


She has worked under Dr Grilli’s supervision on inverse modeling. Dr Grilli’s work on depth inversion resulted in new depth inversion algorithm (DIA) and in an algorithm of ocean surfaces pictures.

In 2002, Dr Pradal was granted a French Ph.D. fellowship to work on the largest French program on artificial reef deployment. The aim of her Ph.D. research was to model the hydrodynamics in the Bay and then to model the trajectories of eggs and larvae (biological non swimming particles) produced at the vicinity of the artificial reefs as well as on the reefs themselves. This study involved numerical computations of the existing, widely used and validated 3D Princeton Ocean Model (POM), the development of a lagrangian particle tracking routine and the post processing of the results in a GIS software. The results of her study were freely given to the City of Marseilles and have since been published and widely distributed to the users of the Bay (government agencies, public libraries, research teams and fishermen).

Dr Pradal is also collaborating with marine biologists (Dr Pierre Chevaldonne and Dr Christophe Lejeusne) interested in the potential role the hydrodynamics might play on the observed genetics differentiation of Mysidacae population in the Bay of Marseilles.

General Information
Teaching :practical modeling class for Master’s student, University of Marseilles
Professional Societies

Member : Union des Oceanographes de France

Selected Publications
  1. Marie-Aude Pradal and Bertrand Millet. (2006). CR Academie des Sciences Biology. 329 (7), 541-550., Elsevier SAS.  pdf  .
  1. Marie-Aude Pradal. (Nov 30, 2006). "PhD dissertation", Board : Pr Bertrand Millet (advisor) Pr Pierre Chardy (University of Bordeaux I) Pr Ivan Dekeyser (University of Marseille II) Pr Stéphan Grilli (University of Rhode Island) Pr Nardo Vicente (Institut océanographique Paul Ricard) M. Jean Beurois (Ville de Marseille, invited).  pdf  .
Conference Proceedings
  1. Marie-Aude Pradal, Bertrand Millet and Delphine Thibault Botha. (2005). Coastal zone 2005, NOAA.  pdf  .
  2. Marie-Aude Pradal and Bertrand Millet. (2003). Union des Oceanographes de France, Marseille 8-10 septembre 2003.
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