Faculty Profile

Dr. Mohammed Sidhoum

Phone: 201.216.5310
Fax: 201.216.8303
Email: [email protected]
School:  Schaefer School of Engineering & Science
Program:  Environmental Engineering
Research Center:  Center for Environmental Systems (CES)
  • Ph.D in Chemical/Environmental Engineering, 1988 Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken NJ
  • MS in Chemical Engineering, 1988 Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken NJ
  • BE in Chemical/Cryogenics, 1978 Algerian Petroleum Institute, Boumerdes Algeria and Institute of Gas Technology, Chicago, IL.
Environmental Fate and Transport of Energetic Materials, Innovative Biological and Physico-Chemical Treatment Processes, Membrane Based Separation Processes, Environmental Fate and Transport of Nanomaterials.
Professional Service
Extensive industrial and consulting experience (over 20 years) in the petrochemical and natural gas industries and in environmental engineering consulting. Designed numerous wastewater and water treatment plants in the US, North Africa and the Middle-East. Developed the national solid waste (domestic and hazardous) master plan for the country of Tunisia. Design numerous treatment systems for the remediation of contaminated sites in the US.
Professional Societies
American Institute of Chemical engineers
Selected Publications
  1. M. Sidhoum. (2005). "Kinetics of RDX Degradation by Zero-Valent Iron (ZVI)", Journal of Hazardous Materials.
  2. M. Sidhoum. (2005). "Solubility and Alkaline Hydrolysis of the Novel High Explosive Hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane (CL-20)", Journal of Hazardous Materials, B120 183-191.
  3. M.S. Sidhoum. (1989). "An Internally Staged Hollow-Fiber Permeator for Gas Separation", AIChE Journal, 35 764.
  4. M. Sidhoum. (1988). "Asymmetric Cellulose Acetate Hollow Fibers: Studies in Gas Permeation", AIChE Journal, 34 417.
Conference Proceedings
  1. M. Sidhoum. (1988). "Experimental Behavior of Asymmetric CA Membranes and Its Use in Novel Separation Schemes", New Membrane Materials and Processes for Separation, AIChE Symposium. K.K. Sirkar and D.R. Lloyds (Eds.), 84 (261), 102.
  1. M. Sidhoum. (2004). "Measurements of PCB Fluxes into the Atmosphere from a Site Receiving Stabilized Dredged Material", Water, Air and Soil Pollution. . (Focus 4), 45-54.
  2. M. Sidhoum. (1994). "Diffusion of Acetophenone and Phenethyl Alcohol in the Calcium Alginate Baker's Yeast - Hexane System", Biotechnol. Bioeng . 44 1217.
  • EN 571 Physicochemical Processes for Environmental Control
  • EN 573 Biological Processes for Environmental Control