Faculty Profile

Dr. Elizabeth Fassman-Beck

Building: Rocco
Room: 303
Phone: 201.216.3549
Email: efassman@stevens.edu
School:  Schaefer School of Engineering & Science
Department:  Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering

2002, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, PhD Civil Engineering

1998, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, MSc Civil Engineering

1996, Duke University, Durham, NC, BSE Civil and Environmental Engineering


Research links field monitoring with laboratory development of urban stormwater runoff quantity (hydrologic) and quality (contaminant) control systems, with emphasis on green infrastructure technologies such as living (green) roofs, bioretention, permeable pavement, swales, and floating treatment wetlands.


2002-2004, Consultant: Wright Water Engineers, Denver, Colorado

Professional Service
  • Editorial Board Member: Urban Water Journal (Taylor and Francis), Journal of Sustainable Water in the Built Environment (ASCE)
  • Elected Member of the Urban Water Resources Research Council Control Group (EWRI/ASCE); Chair, UWRRC Green Roofs Task Committee, Member Permeable Pavement Task Committee
  • Elected Member of the Joint Committee on Urban Drainage (JCUD), a limited-membership coordinating committee between the International Water Association and International Association of Hydraulics Research
Honors & Awards
  • 2014 Wesley W. Horner Award from ASCE/EWRI for the publication Fassman and Simcock (2012).
  • Keynote delivered at the Engineers Australia Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium (Sydney, 2012).
  • Outstanding Reviewer 2012, ASCE Journal of Environmental Engineering.

2007-2013, University of Auckland (New Zealand), Senior Lecturer

2004-2007, University of Auckland (New Zealand), Lecturer

2003,  University of Colorado at Denver, Honorary Instructor

Professional Societies
  • Member: International Water Association (IWA)
  • Associate Member, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and Environmental and Water Resources Institute (EWRI)
Selected Publications
  1. Borne, K., Fassman-Beck, E., Tanner, C.. (2014). "Floating Treatment Wetland Influences Fate of Metals in Road Stormwater Retention Ponds", Water Research, 1 (48), 430-442.
  2. Borne, K., Fassman, E., Tanner, C.. (2013). "Stormwater Nitrogen Removal Performance of a Floating Treatment Wetland", Water Science and Technology , 7 (68), 1657-1664.
  3. Borne, K., Fassman, E.A., Tanner, C.C.. (2013). "Floating Treatment Wetland Retrofit to Improve Stormwater Pond Performance for Sediment, Copper and Zinc", Ecological Engineering, 2013 (54), 173-182.
  4. Fassman-Beck, E.A., Simcock, R., Voyde, E.A., Hong, Y.S.. (2013). "4 Living Roofs in 3 Locations: Does Configuration Affect Runoff Mitigation?", Journal of Hydrology , 2013 (490), 11-20.
  5. Fassman, E.A.. (2012). "Stormwater BMP Treatment Performance Variability for Sediment and Heavy Metals", Separation and Purification Technology , 2012 (84), 95-103.
  6. Fassman, E.A., Simcock, R.. (2012). "Moisture Measurements as Performance Criteria for Extensive Living Roof Substrates", 8 (138), 841-851.
  7. Fassman, E.A., Blackbourn, S.. (2011). "Runoff Water Quality Mitigation by Permeable Pavement", Journal of Irrigation and Drainage, 11 (137), 720-729.
  8. Fassman, E.A., Blackbourn, S.. (2010). "Urban Runoff Mitigation by a Permeable Pavement System over Impermeable Soils", Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 6 (15), 475-485.
  9. Voyde, E.A., Fassman, E.A., Simcock, R., Wells, J.. (2010). "Quantifying Evapotranspiration Rates for New Zealand Green Roofs", Journal of Hydrologic Engineering , 6 (15), 395-403.
  10. Voyde, E.A., Fassman, E.A., Simcock, R.. (2010). "Hydrology of an Extensive Living Roof under Sub-Tropical Climate Conditions in Auckland, New Zealand", Journal of Hydrology, 2010 (394), 384-395.
  • CE 304 Water Resources Engineering
  • CE 535 Stormwater Management