Faculty Profile

Donald Carlucci

Phone: (973) 724-2486
Email: [email protected]
School:  Schaefer School of Engineering & Science
Department:  Mechanical Engineering / Office of the Associate Dean of Engineering
Program:  Mechanical Engineering / Integrated Product Development
  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology, 2002
  • M.E., Mechanical Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology, 1995
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology, 1987
Gun Launch Physics
  • 1989 – Present: Chief, Analysis and Evaluation Technology Division responsible for design and development of Sense and Destroy Armor (SADARM) and Excalibur projectile.  As chief engineer, responsible for coordination of contract and government efforts to design, model and produce munitions for 155mm Howitzers and Multiple Launch Rocket Systems.
  • 1988-1989: Design Engineer, Titanium Industries, Fairfield, N.J., $27,000 per year.  Responsible for design of heat exchangers and pressure vessels and machine parts from customer specifications.  Coordination of design work with subcontractors.  Responsible for specification of purchased parts.
  • 1986-1988: Production Engineer/ Q.A. Manager/ Purchasing Manager – Hoyt Corporation, Englewood, N.J.  Three separate positions held.  As Chief Engineer responsible for design of test equipment, detailing and tolerancing of machine parts from samples, Material Review Board decisions, and Make/ Buy decisions. As Quality assurance manager, responsible for inspection of in-process and incoming material, supplier coordination, and development of company quality plan. As Material purchasing manager responsible for Vendor selection, material purchasing and expediting of orders.  In all instances responsible for the supervision of a small staff of two to three employees.
  • 1986-1986: Quality Assurance Inspector – Intercontinental Dynamics Corp., Englewood, N.J.  Responsible for inspection of purchased material and machined parts for production of aircraft instruments.  Operation of coordinate measuring equipment
  • 1984-1988: Manufacturing Engineering Assistant – Fluorocarbon Company, Pine Brook, N.J.  Responsible for design of teflon slide bearings from customer specifications, detailing of parts, Production and Quality assurance work.
Institutional Service
Dr. Carlucci is an Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology teaching graduate classes on Interior (ME 504), Exterior (ME 507) and Terminal Ballistics (ME 508) as well as undergraduate classes on engineering design (E232).
Professional Service
  • 2013-Present, Sub Chair, NRC Committee on Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence
  • 2011-Present, Session Chairman, International Ballistics Symposia
  • 2010-Present, Senior Member, National Defense Industrial Associations Ballistics Committee
  • 2009-Present, Member, NRA
Honors & Awards
  • Noble Patron of Armor Award, 07/13
  • Tau Beta Pi NJIT Chapter Eminent Engineer of the Year Award, April 2011
  • US Army Greatest inventions Award for Excalibur, 11/2008
  • Order of St. Barbara Artillery Award, 07/07
  • US Army R&D Achievement Award for Leadership Excellence, 2004
  • NDIA Vic Lindner Award for Engineering, 2000
  • Commanders Award for Civilian Service, 11/99
  • AIAA Young Engineer of the Year Award, 02/98


Patents & Inventions
  • Patent Awarded, 9/21/10. number US D624,150S for a guided projectile extraction tool.
  • Patent Awarded, 10/13/09, number US 7,600,421 B1 for an instrumented ballistic test projectile.
  • Patent applied, 12/10/08, number 61/121,250 2006-041P for a pressure activated finned projectile base.
  • Patent applied, 04/18/07, number 60/912,444 2006–030P for the ARDEC soft catch gun.
Selected Publications
  1. D. Carlucci, S. Jacobson. (2007). Ballistics: Theory and Design of Modern Ammunition and Guns, Taylor and Francis/CRC Press, New York.
  1. D. Carlucci, J. Cordes, S. Morris, R. Gast. (Apr 2006). "Muzzle Exit (Set Forward) Effects on Projectile Dynamics Technical Report ARAET-TR-06003", U.S. Army Armament Research Development and Engineering Center, Dover, NJ.
  2. D. Carlucci, J. A. Cordes, J. Hahn, A. Frydman. (May 2005). "Electronics and the Gun Environment, Invited Paper", U.S. Army Workshop on Advanced Active Thin Film Materials for the Next Generation of Meso-Micro Scale Army Applications.
  3. J.A. Cordes, J. Vega, D. Carlucci, R. Chaplin, W.S. Peterson. (Apr 2005). "Structural Loading Statistics of Live Gun Firings for the Army's Excalibur Projectile", ARAET-TR-05005.
  4. D. Carlucci, J. Vega, J.A. Cordes. (Nov 2004). "Effect of a Bore Evacuator on Projectile In-Bore Dynamics", ARAET-TR-04017.
Conference Proceedings
  1. W.S. Peterson, D. Z. Stokic, D. Carlucci. (Nov 4-8, 2007). "Smart Round Evaluation of Design Parameters using Axi-symmetric Models", 78th Shock and Vibration Symposium.
  2. W.S. Peterson, D. Z. Stokic, D. Carlucci. (Nov 4-8, 2007). "Blow-by Evaluation of Obturators Attached to Smart Projectiles Under Gun Launch", 78th Shock and Vibration Symposium.
  3. A. Birk, D. Carlucci, C. McClain, N. Gray. (Apr 16-20, 2007). "Soft Recovery System for 155mm Projectiles", Proceedings of the 23rd International Symposium on Ballistics. 591-596.
  4. I. Mehmedagic, D. Carlucci, S. Thangam. (Apr 16-20, 2007). "Computational Study of the Flow Around a Projectile Moving Through a Gun Barrel", Proceedings of the 23rd International Symposium on Ballistics. 507-514.
  5. L. Svanberg, S. Stromberg, A. Totten, J. Vega, M. Hollis, R. St. Ours, D. Carlucci, B. Flyash. (Apr 16-20, 2007). "Numerical modeling and Experimental Verification of a Novel Base Bleed Design", Proceedings of the 23rd International Symposium on Ballistics. 523-530.
  6. D. Carlucci, J. Vega, M. Pocock, S. Einstein, C. Guyott, R. Chaplin. (Apr 16-20, 2007). "Novel Examination of Gun Bore Resistance: Analysis and Experimental Validation", Proceedings of the 23rd International Symposium on Ballistics. 313-320.
  7. M. Pocock, S. Einstein, C. Guyott, K. Ng, D. Carlucci, K. Klingaman, K. B. Moran. (Apr 16-20, 2007). "Challenges of the Interior Ballistic Modelling of Novel Propellants and Propellant Geometry", Proceedings of the 23rd International Symposium on Ballistics. 337-342.
  8. T. Myers, D. Carlucci, J. Cordes. (Nov 14-18, 2005). "Rail Gun Test Projectile for Improved Developmental Testing of Precision Munition Electronics", 22nd International Symposium on Ballistics.
  9. M.R Chowdhury, A. Frydman, J. Cordes, L. Reinhardt, D. Carlucci. (Nov 14-18, 2005). "3-D Finite-Element Gun Launch Simulation of a Surrogate Excalibur 155-mm Guided Artillery Projectile - Modeling Capabilities and its Implications", 22nd International Symposium on Ballistics.
  10. J.A. Cordes, D. Carlucci, R.Jafar. (Apr 19-23, 2004). "Dynamics of a Simplified Gun Launched Projectile", 21st International Symposium on Ballistics.
  11. M. Hollis, B. Flyash, A. Bahia, J. Potucek, D. Carlucci. (Apr 19-23, 2004). "Empirical Measurements of Cannon Launch Pressures on a Finned 155-mm Artillery Projectile", 21st International Symposium on Ballistics.
  12. D. Carlucci, A. Frydman. (Apr 19-23, 2004). "Utilization of Structural Analysis Models in the Development of the U.S Army's Next Generation 155-mm Guided Projectile", 21st International Symposium on Ballistics.
  • EE 232 Engineering Design IV
  • ME 504 Interior Ballistics and Design for Projection
  • ME 506 Theory of Performance of Propellants and Explosives II
  • ME 507 Exterior Ballistics
  • ME 508 Terminal Ballistics
  • ME 601 Engineering Thermodynamics
  • ME 604 Advanced Heat Transfer
  • ME 674 Fluid Dynamics
  • ME 678 Viscous and Turbulent Flows
  • ME 679 Mechanics of Compressible Fluids