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Information Regarding Study Plans

EE/CpE-Specific Courses:

The EE-specific and CpE-specific technical electives which undergraduates are required to complete have been entered into the study plans at this site. Each study plan represents the ECE program description in the Stevens Undergraduate Catalog for the years specified. Upon starting their programs, students use the Stevens Catalog for their entry year to determine required courses for completion of degrees. For example, the 2000-2001 Stevens Catalog applies to students entering during the Fall 2000 semester or the Spring 2001 semester. Substitution of courses for required courses is generally not allowed. In some cases, students elect to take a more advanced course on the same topic as a required EE/CpE elective course. Such decisions must be approved by the student's advisor.

Technical Electives

Technical electives are to be chosen from among the ECE-numbered courses. In some cases, an undergraduate may be permitted to chose a course, not listed as an ECE-numbered course, from another academic department. Specific approval must be obtained to use such courses as technical electives. Undergraduates may take 500-level graduate courses as technical electives with the permission of the instructor and with the appropriate prerequisites. Undergraduates interested in taking 600-level graduate courses as technical electives should consult the web site of the Graduate School. Restrictions apply and various permissions must be obtained for an undergraduate to be accepted into a 600-level course.



Electives are "free electives" and can be chosen from among any Stevens courses, including ECE courses. The intent of "electives," as opposed to "technical electives," is to provide the student with the opportunity to expand his/her education beyond the required courses and to select courses from any area of interest.


Humanities courses are to be selected according to the specific requirements for Engineering Students given in the Humanities Department's section of the Stevens Undergraduate Catalog. Students not satisfying these specific requirements will confront problems when preparing to graduate.