Student Organizations

Student Organizations
Undergraduate Student Council

The Undergraduate Student Council was established during the Spring 02 semester, charged with providing the ECE Department with feedback on problems seen by thestudents and recommendations for new programs, changes in courses, etc. It also organizes the Annual ECE Undergraduate Picnic (held in either the Fall or Spring semester each academic year). The Student Council interacts directly with the ECE Department Director to help identify opportunities to improve the program and to conduct various program assessments. Reports developed by the Student Council are presented to the full ECE faculty at a regular ECE Department meeting. In response to the recommendations of the Student Council, the ECE Department is committed to undertaking efforts to address issues and opportunities as quickly as possible. These activities have led to introduction of new courses within the ECE program and to incorporation of student suggestions into the continuing evolution of the overall ECE program. All undergraduate students in the ECE program are encouraged to join the Student Council and contribute to their activities. To join, contact any current member or see Yu-Dong Yao, Burchard 212.

Iota Delta Chapter, Eta Kappa Nu (HKN)

Eta Kappa Nu is the national honor society of electrical and computer engineering. Invitations to join this honor society are extended to all juniors with GPA's in the top 25% of electrical engineering students and in the top 25% of computer engineering students. Invitations are also extended to seniors (EE and CpE) with GPA's in the top 30%.

Determination of qualification for membership in HKN is determined by the Department Director working with the Stevens' Registrar's office, using GPA's available at the time. Students qualified for membership in HKN will be contacted by the current HKN membership during the semester.

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Hong Man

Why "H"KN for "E"ta Kappa Nu? Check out the Greek representation of capital eta

IEEE Student Branch

The IEEE is the international professional society serving professionals in the electrical engineering and in the computer engineering fields. IEEE Student membership is open to undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in at least 50% of a normal, full-time course of study in electrical engineering, electronics, computer engineering, or computer science, in an allied branch of engineering technology, or in related arts and sciences. The Stevens Branch is part of the North Jersey Section of the IEEE, which oversees local activities such as talks, contests, etc. Activities of the Stevens Student Branch are overseen by Prof. Victor Lawrence of the ECE Department. All ECE students are encouraged to join the IEEE as a student member. Membership fees are modest and you will have access to substantial professional information at the IEEE home site, as well as receive its monthly magazine "IEEE Spectrum".  For more information, please visit the IEEE website!

Interested in forming a new club or group?

If interested in forming a new club or group, feel free to review your ideas with the ECE Director or any ECE faculty member. To the extent possible, the ECE Department will provide support for creating and maintaining the club and its activities.

Possibilities include: student computing club, student networking club, etc.



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