EE/CPE Concentrations

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EE/CPE Concentrations

Electrical and computer engineering students can select their elective courses among four technical electives and three general electives in various ways. Some of them may wish to cluster those electives in ways that would help them gain expertise in an area of specialization within electrical and computer engineering. The following groupings are possible specialty (concentration) areas that students can select from within the electrical and computer engineering program:

Software Engineering and Design

  • CPE 360 Computational Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CPE/CS 442 Database Management Systems
  • CPE 492 Computer and Operating Systems
  • EE 545 Communication Software and Middleware
  • CPE 593 Applied Data Structure and Algorithm
  • EE/CPE 810/5xx Software Systems and Prototyping I
  • EE/CPE 810/5xx Software Systems and Prototyping II
  • EE 810/5xx Engineering Programming: C++
  • EE 810/5xx Engineering Programming: Java
  • EE 810/5xx Engineering Programming: Python

Computer Architectures

  • CPE 517 Digital and Computer Systems Architecture
  • CPE/CS 550 Computer Organization and Programming

Electronics and Embedded Systems

  • EE 359 Electronic Circuits
  • CPE 487 Digital System Design
  • CPE 555 Real-Time and Embedded Systems
  • CPE 556 Computing Principles of Embedded Systems

Networks and Security

  • CPE 490 Information Systems Engineering I
  • CPE 579 Foundations of Cryptography
  • EE 584 Wireless Systems Security
  • EE 586 Wireless Networking: Architectures, Protocols, and Standards
  • CPE 592 Computer and Multimedia Network Security

Power Engineering

  • EE 589 Introduction to Power Engineering
  • EE 590 Smart Grid

Robotics and Control

  • EE 478 Control Systems
  • CPE 521 Introduction to Autonomous Robots
  • EE 575 Introduction to Control Theory

Image Processing and Multimedia

  • CPE 462 Introduction to Image Processing and Coding
  • CPE 536 Integrated Services - Multimedia
  • CPE 537 Interactive Computer Graphics I
  • CPE 558 Computer Vision
  • CPE 591 Introduction to Multimedia Networking
  • CPE 592 Computer and Multimedia Network Security

Wireless Communications

  • EE 441 Introduction to Wireless Systems
  • EE 568 Software Defined Radio
  • EE 583 Wireless Communications
  • EE 584 Wireless Systems Security
  • EE 585 Physical Design of Wireless Systems
  • EE 586 Wireless Networking: Architectures, Protocols, and Standards



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