Establishing New Market Opportunities

Faculty in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department are at the forefront of entrepreneurship and research that impacts industry and the world. Dr. Rajarathnam Chandramouli is sought after by government and industry alike for his research into transformative communications technologies. His SpiderRadio Cognitive Network stands to revolutionize communications by utilizing unused available frequencies for communications.

Dr. Chandramouli explains the SpiderRadio Cognitive Network.

The entrepreneurial spirit fostered by the faculty leads to substantive student design work that yields tangible, original devices. For example, students created piezoelectric energy harvesting solution to power wireless devices and worked to secure a patent. Other students have created products to aid in transportation and maritime communications.

By creating an environment that recognizes and rewards innovation and promotes intellectual property, the Institute leverages key faculty and student talent to foster technological innovation. Stevens fosters an educational environment where students, faculty, and industry jointly nurture new technologies from concept to marketplace realization. This community has earned Stevens numerous patents, which can be viewed on the Technology Transfer section of the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship website.

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