Graduate Co-Op Program

Graduate Co-op Program

Unique among universities in the Unites States, Stevens offers a Graduate Cooperative Education Program that provides relevant learning experiences for students in business, industry and government. This is a graduate version of the standard co-op programs that are more commonly offered at the undergraduate level. It allows for students to apply their technical knowledge in a supportive workplace while being actively engaged with new technologies in a continuous on-the-job learning environment. Students will utilize their critical thinking skills to understand methodologies and processes and produce new knowledge for the global marketplace. They will be exposed to real-time demands, communicate in all mediums with all levels of management and be accountable for their projects.

To be eligible for the Graduate Co-op Program, students must:

  • Complete 2 full time semesters of study prior to a work term
  • Complete 3-5 core courses (depending on major)
  • A satisfactory 3.5 grade point average or better

For more information, please visit the Graduate Cooperative Education Program website.

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