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Mobile Apps Make a Difference

The Department of Computer Science fosters innovation and entrepreneurship with real-world impact. Recently, a senior design team consisting of Computer Science and Business Technology students seized an opportunity to apply their skills in aid of search and rescue operations after earthquakes and mining disasters. They developed a percussive messaging technology named RescueMe Phone to allow people trapped under rubble to signal their identity, location and physical status to a rescue team. It is the first low power technology that can reliably send these messages to rescuers through layers of rubble wirelessly without radio. The technology promises to improve the efficiency and organization of large-scale rescue operations. With global revenue from mobile apps expected to hit $25 Billion this year (according to the Wall Street Journal), ambitious student projects are poised to make economic as well as social impacts.

By creating an environment that recognizes and rewards innovation and promotes intellectual property, the Institute leverages key faculty and student talent to foster technological innovation. It cultivates an educational environment where students, faculty, and industry jointly nurture new technologies from concept to marketplace realization. This community has earned numerous patents, which can be viewed on the Technology Transfer section of the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship website.

Watch these videos for examples of the many entrepreneurial endeavors undertaken by students.

Elevator Pitch Competitors
Online security software to prevent deception
Crowd-sourcing innovation software

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