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Job Board

The computer science department maintains a job board with announcements of internships, temporary jobs, permanent jobs, and employment related events. This site is not meant to supplant the opportunities offered by the Stevens Office of Career Development. Please contact the employers directly about these opportunities or to apply for the position. The department cannot vouch for these employers or the suitability of the advertised positions.

Summer Internships

Students, both graduate and undergraduate, should seek to arrange summer internships. Internships introduce students to current technologies, teach about the business environment, and help make contacts. Many permanent post-graduation positions are obtained as a consequence of an earlier summer internship.

Undergraduate computer science and cybersecurity students should seek to have internships following their sophomore and junior years.

International graduate students, if eligible, can work during the summer via the department's Curricular Practical Training (CPT) program .

Internships should be sought after in January or even earlier. Some financial firms hire even earlier.

Here are some helpful contacts:

Adjunct Instructors

The department seeks highly qualified instructors for teaching at the advanced undergraduate and graduate level on and off campus. Instructors who have specialized advanced knowledge that complements the expertise of the faculty are sought for on campus teaching; such instructors might be asked to create new courses in their areas of expertise. Instructors who can teach existing courses are sought for off campus teaching at nearby corporate sites. Opportunities teaching via WebCampus may also be available. Those interested in opportunities as an adjunct instructor at Stevens, please explore the list of graduate courses then contact Prof. Duchamp, the department director, at [email protected].

Board of Advisors

The department's Board of Advisors consists of representatives from companies that regularly employ our graduates. The Board of Advisors offers advice on curriculum, advertising, and outreach. Members of the board are: X, Y, Z.

Middle and High School Teachers

Middle and high school teachers and students are invited to the workshop. Middle and high school students will have a chance to meet undergraduate and graduate students in CS and find out what's happening in computer science research, and do some hands-on activities. Workshops in the past have included keynote talks on the use of platforms such as Alice, Scratch, Greenfoot, and XNA in computer science education, discussions of pedagogy for and with teachers, and round table discussions of issues pertinent to K12 Computer Science education. The next workshop is tentatively planned for XXXX.

Please join our (low volume) mailing list for announcements about this and other events of interest to computer science middle and high school teachers.