M.S. in Multimedia Experience and Management (DEFUNCT)

M.S. in Multimedia Experience and Management

A computer is made up of three parts: computation, storage and display. As computation and storage become increasingly ubiquitous and free, display (the presentation of information) becomes an increasingly important part of any application. Devices such as computers, televisions and cellphones are increasingly becoming rich thin clients for screen access and data entry, and where increasingly the visualization and auditory components are regarded as portable and morphable. Many advanced forms of interfaces are being developed in the entertainment industry based on these principles, as well as in scientific and information visualization. The entertainment industry has pioneered techniques for developing rich user interfaces, focusing on engineering the entire user experience with multimedia content.

This program brings together two elements of user interfaces and information presentation: multimedia content experience and content management. Graduates of the program will have a firm grounding in computer graphics, human computer interaction and software engineering. Beyond this, they can choose to specialize in multimedia experience (advanced graphics, visual analytics) or multimedia management (distributed computing). Both tracks include courses in software engineering (user experience engineering and software architecture). Students can choose further specialization in either area, or greater breadth by choosing courses across the tracks or from other electives that are relevant.

Core Courses

If a student has already taken courses in operating systems, then with the permission of the graduate advisor they may substitute elective courses instead.  The program consists of the core courses, the specified courses from one of the two tracks (Content Creation or Content Delivery), plus electives as specified below.

Core CS 537 Interactive Computer Graphics
 SSW 540 Fundamentals to Software Engineering
 CS 545 Human Computer Interaction
Multimedia Experience  Pick two of the following courses:
 CS 538 Visual Analytics
 CS 539 Real-Time Rendering, Gaming, and Simulation Programming
 CS 541 Artificial Intelligence
 CS 543 Principles of Computer Mediated Entertainment or  CS 597 User Experience Design and Programming
 CS 558 Computer Vision
Multimedia ManagementCS 520 Operating Systems
 Pick one of the following courses:
 CS 548 Enterprise Software Architecture and Design
 SSW 565 Software Architecture and Design
 Pick one of the following courses:
 CS 549 Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing1
 CS 522 Mobile Systems and Applications

Elective Courses

Other electives may be allowed, subject to the permission of the graduate advisor.

 CS 513 Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
 CS 546 Web Programming
 CS 561 Database Management Systems I
 CS 573 Fundamentals of Cybersecurity
 CS 578 Privacy in a Networked World
 CpE 636 Integrated Services-Multimedia
 CpE 591 Introduction to Multimedia Networking
Sample Study Plan - Multimedia Experience

Year 1SSW 540 Fundamentals of SE
CS 541 Artificial Intelligence
CS 537 Computer Graphics
CS 545 HCI
CS 548 Enterprise Soft A & D
Year 2CS 538 Visual Analytics 
CS 543 Comp Med Entertainment
CS 513 Data Mining
CS 539 RT Rendering
CS 561 Database Mgt Systems I

Sample Study Plan - Multimedia Management

Year 1CS 520 Operating Systems 
SSW 540 Fundamentals of SE
CS 537 Computer Graphics
CS 545 HCI
CS 548 Enterprise Soft A & D
Year 2CS 543 Comp Med Entertainment 
CS 549 Distributed Systems1
CS 539 RT Rendering 
CS 561 Database Mgt Systems I
CS 546 Web Programming

1: Alternative course SOC 641 Distributed Application Development.

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