Teaching Assistantships (DEFUNCT)

Computer Science Teaching Assistantships

Deadline for Fall 2011 TA applications is Friday, May 20th 2011

All TAs/GAs must reapply.


You can apply for a teaching assistantship in the Computer Science Department provided:

  1. You have been admitted to the CS department.
  2. You have an undergraduate or graduate degree in CS, and have maintained a high GPA (typically 3.5/4).
  3. Where necessary, you have taken the TOEFL examination and have obtained at l east 75 (IC), 230 (CBT) or 575 (paper).

Note that full TAs may not engage in any outside work beyond their TA (except for research).

You should have taken courses in core subjects such as:

  1. Assembly Language or Computer Architecture
  2. Data Structures
  3. Analysis of Algorithms

To be considered for a TA position in a particular subject, such as Operating Systems, you must have taken courses in that subject and its prerequisites. Exceptions are sometimes made, depending on our needs. In general, CS PhD students have first preference, followed by CS MS students, but we may also consider outstanding advanced undergraduates or ECE students.

For new students:

We rarely award assistantships to incoming students, unless you are a Ph.D. student or you have previous experience as a TA (preferably in the US) and your skills match the department's needs. Because courses at different institutions differ, we give much greater weight to grades from Stevens. To become a teaching assistant, we recommend that you come to Stevens, get good grades, impress the instructors, andhave a Stevens instructor recommend you for the TA position. There is always more demand for TAs than positions available.

To increase your chances, try to get a recommendation for a course that is not as popular as others, for example, there is often a surplus of TA applications for database and software engineering courses. Faculty recommendations from Stevens faculty are the most important factor in our decisions.

Instructions for applying

All current teaching assistants who wish to continue with a TA position must re-apply each term.  Teaching assistant appointments are normally for one term.  Reappointment will be based on your performance and on department needs. Applicants who do not follow the application instructions cannot be considered.

To apply:

Enter your application online at www.stevens.edu/csta Do not send your applications to individual faculty members. Please do not send duplicate copies.

If you need to send supporting documents, send them by fax, surface mail, or email, or you can leave them in the TA Coordinator's mailbox (currently Prof. V. Pathak).

Documents sent by email must be in one of the following formats: plain ASCII text, RTF or PDF. No other formats can be accepted.


In a few cases, primarily for students new to the department, we may contact you for an interview before the start of classes. (These interviews allow us to assess your English skills and your experience in CS.) All new students applying for a TAship should be on campus at least one week before classes start.

TA Coordinator

The current TA Coordinator is Prof. Vivek Pathak. Please address TA related email only to the TA coordinator email alias.

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