Program Outcomes: PhD in Computer Science (about/accreditation/phd_cs_prog_out)

Program Outcomes: PhD in Computer Science


  1. [retention] Does the student graduate with a PhD?
  2. [efficiency] Length of time from first enrollment in the PhD program to graduation.
  3. [quality 1] Does the student take an initial research-type position in industry, academia, government, or technical/policy-making institution, or as a full-time faculty member at a research-active university?
  4. [quality 2] Does the student pursue a research-type internship while in the PhD program.
  5. [external impact 1] Number of submissions or refereed publications by the moment of graduation.
  6. [external impact 2] Number of off-campus technical presentations (e.g., posters talks, demos) given to professional research audiences by the moment of graduation, e.g., at a conference or invited by another institution.
  7. [external impact 3] Number of awards (e.g., best paper/poster, travel grants, external fellowships, community awards)
  8. [internal impact] Number of on-campus technical presentations and publications within Stevens (e.g., technical reports, posters, talks, demos, patents).