Program Outcomes: M.S. in Service Oriented Computing (about/accreditation/ms_soc_prog_out)

Program Outcomes: M.S. in Service Oriented Computing
  1. [MS-SOC A web applications] Explain how to implement n-tier client-server systems and Web services using a modern application development platform.
    • SOC 606 outcome 1, Implementation
  2. [MS-SOC B human computer interaction] Explain cognitive aspects of human computer interaction.
    • SOC 510 outcome 1
  3. [MS-SOC C requirements] Perform requirements analysis for service applications.
    • SOC 611 outcome 2, Requirements
  4. [MS-SOC D data modeling] Perform data modeling for enterprise knowledge bases.
    • SOC 542 outcome 2, Data Modeling
  5. [MS-SOC E software design] Perform software design for enterprise applications.
    • SOC 542 outcome 1, Architectures
    • SOC 542 outcome 4, Processes