Instructor Course Assessment Procedures (about/accreditation/course_assessment)

Course Assessment Procedures
Overview of Quantitative Assessment

Slide presentation for instructors, TAs, and graders.

Pre-course Procedure

Review any material that would affect how you plan to teach the course in the upcoming semester. These materials should include at least the SPAD and ICE results from the previous offering of the course. These forms from earlier semesters are available here. When you have completed your review, fill out a PCR (Pre-Course Review) form. On the PCR form indicate how you plan to assess the course outcomes and how you plan to improve this semester's offering of the course based on direct and indirect data from previous offerings. (Direct data are student performance results shown on SPAD forms while indirect data are student opinions about their performance as expressed in the ACE student course evaluations.) The PCR form serves to demonstrate that we are "closing the loop" and improving the course with each offering.

Complete the PCR form prior to the beginning of the course. Send it to the department director.

Mid-Course Procedure

At approximately the midpoint of the course, allocate about 5 minutes of class time to have students fill out paper copies of the Midterm Survey form. The form asks students to provide feedback so that issues with the course might be corrected during the semester, not after. Read what the students have written, consider their comments and adjust the course as necessary. These forms need not be archived.

Post-Course Procedure

Immediately after the end of the course, fill out SPAD and ICE forms inside the ACE system. To fill out an ACE SPAD form, do the following:

  1. Gather student performance data for each assessment instrument.
  2. For each instrument, decide what level of performance (on that instrument alone) constitutes "A" work, or "B" work, etc.
  3. Compute student performance on that instrument on a 4-point scale. The computation proceeds in the obvious way. For example, if 3 students did A work, 2 students did B work, and 3 students did C work, then the computed performance for that instrument is (3*4 + 2*3 + 3*2)/8 = 3.00. So overall student performance on that instrument was 3.00 on a 4-point scale.
  4. Enter the computed number for each instrument onto the ACE SPAD form. A PDF copy of the SPAD should be saved and submitted according to directions for posting at

The ACE SPAD form is accessible as follows:

  • Login at using your MyStevens credentials.
  • Verify that the correct semester is shown in the upper right.
  • On the first page there should be sections labeled "SPAD Surveys" and "ICE Surveys" for each course you taught that semester. Click on the "Take Survey" button in the SPAD area.
  • Under "Statistic Used For Results" choose "d) Other" and type in "avg on 4 point scale"
  • Type in number of students (N) and computed number (Result) for each course outcome then click "Submit."
  • After submission, create a PDF copy by clicking on the Adobe icon to the right, then submit the PDF file according to directions.

Fill out the ICE form similarly.