Welcome from the Department Director


Welcome to Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering at Stevens. The most enjoyable part of my job as Department Director is working with enthusiastic young students over the course their four or five years at Stevens. My job is made easier by the outstanding caliber of students who come to Stevens and the superb practical and basic engineering faculty who teach them. The department offers vibrant programs of undergraduate and graduate education and is a resource to assist in the conduct of engineering practice. My goal and the goal of my colleagues on academic program committees is to support the educational needs and career development of the students to the best of our ability.

We believe that the programs we offer at Stevens provide unrivalled opportunities for training in civil, environmental and ocean engineering research and practice. Students will be taught, challenged, and inspired by leaders in their fields. Many national and international leaders in our field have spent their formative years at Stevens. While the practice of engineering has changed dramatically over the 145 years since Stevens was founded, our quest for ongoing innovation, productivity, and discovery has remained constant. Please feel free to contact me directly (email: [email protected]; phone 201-216-5570) if you have any questions about our programs. We would be pleased to schedule a tour for you of the Department.

David A. Vaccari
Professor and Department Director