Graduate Certificates

The Maritime Systems graduate program offers several four course, 12-credit Graduate Certificate program options. Graduate Certificate programs are tailored to students and professionals who:

  • Are interested in improving and enhancing their current skills and knowledge.
  • Are considering new career paths within industry and/or government.
  • Have been out of school for sometime, and want to resume their studies without committing to a full 30 credit Master's Degree program.
  • Already hold an advanced degree, but wish to continue their studies in a new or related area.
  • Credits earned in a Maritime Systems related Graduate Certificate program can be applied toward a Master's degree in Maritime Systems.
  • Courses may be taken at the Hoboken campus or online through Stevens award-winning WebCampus (select programs only).

Maritime Security (Available on-campus and online via Stevens WebCampus)  The objectives of this program are to provide the student with the operational and technological skills to deal with the international safety and security issues facing the Maritime Transportation System. The student?s perspective may be that of a vessel or port operator, port authority, or military or governmental security agency. Risk-based analyses are performed to assess concerns related to vessel and shore labor practices, navigational security and safety including cargo (e.g., oil spills) and vessel traffic (e.g., collisions). Acoustic and electromagnetic sensor and security technologies are studied, with a focus on their application to various security threat scenarios, including terrorism, piracy, and crime.

  • OE 529 Maritime Safety and Security
  • OE 560 Fundamentals of Remote Sensing
  • OE 628 Technologies for Maritime Security
  • OE 629 Advanced Maritime Security

Maritime System Management (Available online through WebCampus)

  • MGT 607 Managerial Economics
  • MGT 612 The Human Side of Project Leadership
  • MGT 630 Global Business and Markets
  • MGT 680 Organizational Behavior and Theory
    (SME 610 Fundamentals of Service Management will be offered when delivered off-campus as an alternative to MGT 612)

Maritime System Engineering (Available online through WebCampus)

  • SYS 625 Fundamentals of Systems Engineering
  • OE 626 Port Planning and Development
  • SYS 650 System Architecture and Design
  • OE 610 Marine Transportation

Maritime Structures

  • OE 520 Design of Marine Structures
  • OE 589 Coastal Engineering
  • OE 622 Design of Port Structures I
  • CE 530 Nondestructive Evaluation

Maritime Transportation

  • OE 525 Principles of Naval Architecture
  • OE 610 Marine Transportation
  • OE 642 Motion of Vessels in Waves
  • OE 643 Stability and Control of Marine Craft

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