Master of Engineering - Civil Engineering

Master of Engineering - Civil Engineering

Concentrations are available in the areas of structural and geotechnical engineering. Student must complete core courses depending on the areas of concentration as follows:

Structural Engineering Core Courses
  • CE 519 Advanced Structural Analysis
  • CE 579 Advanced Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • CE 595 Geotechnical Design
  • CE 660 Advanced Steel Structures
  • CE 681 Introduction to Finite Element Methods
Geotechnical/Geoenvironmental Engineering Core Courses
  • CE 520 Soil Behavior and its Role in Environmental Applications
  • CE 595 Geotechnical Design
  • CE 654 Environmental Geotechnology
  • EN 686 Groundwater Hydrology and Pollution
Water Resources Engineering Core Courses
  • CE 525 Engineering Hydrology
  • CE 535 Stormwater Management
  • CE 652 Hydrologic Modeling
  • CE 685 Advanced Hydraulics
  • EN 686 Groundwater Hydrology and Pollution
Transportation Engineering Core Courses
  • CE 596 Trans Systems Planning & Operation
  • CE 695 Traffic Flow Modeling & Operations
  • CM 508 Transportation Engineering
  • EN 591 Sustainable Trans Systems

In addition, at least four courses must be selected in one of the transportation subspecialty areas (contact an advisor for details).

Substitutions for core courses may be considered on a case by case basis in consultation with your advisor.

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