CEMS Publications

CEMS Publications

Dr. Pinar Akcora

  • Y. Jiao, P. Akcora. (2012). "Assembly of polymer-grafted magnetic nanoparticles in polymer melts", Macromolecules. 45 (8), 3463.
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  • P. Akcora, R. M. Briber, P. Kofinas. (2009). "Oxidation effect on templating of metal oxide nanoparticles within block copolymers", Polymer. 50 (5), 1223.

Dr. Ronald Besser

  • K. Shah and R.S. Besser. (2008). "Understanding Thermal Integration Issues and Heat Loss Pathways in a Planar Microscale Fuel Processor: Demonstration of an Integrated Silicon Microreactor Based Methanol Steam Reformer", Chemical Engineering Journal. 135 (supplement 1), S46-S56.
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Dr. Henry Du

  • Y. Zhu, Z. He, J. Kaňka, and H. Du. (2008). "Numerical Analysis of Refractive Index Sensitivity of Long-Period Gratings in Photonic Crystal Fiber", Sensors and Actuators B. 129 99-105.
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Dr. Dilhan Kalyon

  • 1. H. Gevgilili, D. Kalyon, E. Birinci, M. Malik, L. Goovaerts, R. Bacon and P. Mort. (2011). "Dynamic assembly of anionic surfactant into highly-ordered vesicles", Colloids and Interface Science, doi:10.1016/j.jcis.2011.01.011.
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Dr. Adeniyi Lawal

  • John T. Adeosun and Adeniyi Lawal. (2009). "Numerical and Experimental Studies of Mixing Characteristics in a T-junction Microchannel Using Residence-time Distribution", Chemical Engineerinf Science. 64 2422-2432.
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Dr. Woo Lee

  • D. Kong, L.T. Le, Y. Li, J.L. Zunino, and W.Y. Lee. (2012). "Temperature-Dependent Electrical Properties of Graphene Inkjet-Printed on Flexible Materials", Langmuir, (28), 13467−13472.
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Dr. Matthew Libera

  • Y. Wu, X. Yu, J. Zitelli, K. TenHuisen, and M. Libera. (2010). "Differential response of staphylococci and osteoblasts to varying titanium surface roughness", Biomaterials, 32 (4): (2011) 951-960.
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