Mission and Objectives

Mission and Objectives


The mission of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science is to provide high-quality education and cutting-edge research training to students with strong disciplinary fundamentals and broad interdisciplinary and societal perspectives as adaptive experts and future leaders and innovators in their chosen profession.


The Department educates technological leaders by preparing them for the conception, synthesis, design, testing, scale-up, operation, control and optimization of industrial chemical processes that impact our well being. 

The chemical engineers who complete the Stevens curriculum are able to:

  • Offer approaches to solutions of engineering problems that cut across traditional professional and scientific boundaries
  • Use modern tools of information technology on a wide range of problems
  • Contribute in a professional and ethical manner to chemical engineering projects in process or product development and design
  • Perform as effective team members, team leaders, and communicators
  • Participate in lifelong learning in the global economy
  • Demonstrate awareness of health, safety, and environmental issues and the role of technology in society
  • Work in commodity chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and consumer products, fuels, and electronics industries, as well as in government laboratories.
  • Attend graduate schools with international reputation in chemical engineering.