Vinjamuri - Sensorimotor Control Laboratory



Altorfer 215

Dr. Ramana Vinjamuri



Research Focus

Our lab studies Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMIs) that control upper-limb prostheses. In particular, we are interested in how the brain controls complex hand movements. The human hand has about 30 dimensions in contrast to a human arm with only 7 dimensions. BMIs that control human arms have already been demonstrated with decent accuracies. What type of interface is needed to extend the control from 7 to 37 dimensions forms the central topic of research of the lab. This question is answered from several angles of approach including: studying human hand kinematics, studying the nature and representation of muscle activities during hand movements, and finally studying neural signals in the brain. These studies involve application of linear and nonlinear signal processing, control and optimization methods.

If you are interested in discussing lab research or positions please contact Dr. Vinjamuri.



Lab Members


Ms. Patel earned her BS and MS in Biomedical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, in 2011 and 2013, respectively.  She concentrated her graduate studies in Biomechanics and Neural Engineering.  In the past, she has received the Schering-Plough Scholarship and was supported by various NJIT scholarships.  She is currently pursuing her Ph.D.

 Vrajeshi Patel, Lab Manager 


Akash Sharma anticipates his Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Biology in 2014.
He has previously been awarded the Stevens Presidential Scholarship, Edwin A. Stevens Scholarship, and has been on the Dean’s List

Akash Sharma 


Faisal Mansuri is an undergraduate junior at Stevens Institute of Technology studying Biomedical Engineering. He will be a pursuing a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on Biomechanics. He has been awarded the Stevens’ Presidential Scholarship.

Faisal Mansuri 


Piotr Kulik is an undergraduate sophomore at Stevens Institute of Technology studying Electrical Engineering, who is also pursuing a Master's in Bio-Medical Engineering.  He has been awarded the Stevens Presidential Scholarship, as well as has been on the dean's list for two consecutive semesters. Currently the president of the Stevens IEEE chapter and an information technology consultant for the Stevens Help Desk, Piotr is also an Eagle Scout, and an assistant scoutmaster for his home town scout troop.

Piotr Kulik 


Sara Hassan is an undergraduate student at Stevens Institute of technology. Currently, she is a sophomore majoring in Chemical Biology. She was awarded the Martha Bayard Stevens Scholarship upon entering Stevens.  She plans to attend Medical School in hopes of becoming a doctor in the future. When she was in high school she was awarded the AP Scholar award and graduated with the rank of  top achiever (3rd). This summer, she will be studying EMG signals from various muscles for prosthetic control.

Sara Hassan 


Kevin Doherty is a freshman undergraduate student at Stevens Institute of Technology. He is studying Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. He received Stevens' Ann P. Neupauer Scholarship and has been on the Dean's List for his first year at Stevens. Additionally, he is the Communications Chair of the Stevens IEEE branch and is a student ambassador for Stevens.

Kevin Doherty 


Martin Burns is an undergraduate in his fourth year out of five in Biomedical Engineering. Expecting to graduate in 2015, he is also pursuing a concurrent master’s degree in Engineering Management. As a Co-op student he has worked with Merck designing automated laboratory equipment and Stryker designing next-generation implant systems. An Eagle Scout and Stage Crew member, he is currently the President of Stevens’ Hobby Robotics Club and Biomedical Engineering Society, has made the Dean’s list each semester, and is a Bloustein Scholar and recipient of the Presidential and Edwin A. Stevens Scholarships.

Martin Burns