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The Stevens Engineering curriculum is unique. Through the Design Spine, each semester students get the opportunity to apply what they are learning in their more traditional engineering courses within the context of engineering design. This ensures that they are able to understand and appreciate the relevance of what they are learning and how it is applied to solve real world problems on a continuous basis.

In addition to reinforcing the foundational knowledge gained in the classroom, the robust background provided by the Design Spine encourages and develops creativity and innovation. By their senior year students have already put their studies into practice while learning to work with teammates across various disciplines and solving engineering problems of increasing complexity and significance. Because of the Design Spine, Senior Design at Stevens is a capstone activity where students are given an opportunity to tackle a significant and challenging real-world problem while applying the knowledge that they have gained through their undergraduate studies. When they commence their Senior Design projects, they choose substantive work that results in a product that benefits society. By the time they graduate, they are prepared to confidently address real-world engineering challenges.

This year's Senior Project Expo will be held April 24, 2013.

Watch this video about some of the amazing Senior Design projects Stevens students produce.

Previous Design Projects
Dr. Glenn Atlas, Stevens Students, and MICRO Stamping Corp. Develop Innovative Medical Technology
“The proper intubation of a patient must be performed quickly, often in life-threatening situations,” says Dr. Glenn Atlas, Stevens Institute of Technology Alumnus and Associate Professor of Anesthesiology at the University of Medicine and Dentistry, New Jersey. By inserting a flexible tube into the trachea, a doctor or nurse maintains an open airway for patients who are critically injured or unable to breathe as an effect of being under anesthesia. The Stevens senior design team of Muhammad Abdul Rahman, Chika Ekweghariri, Cailin Grunewald, and Tarik Kramcha responded to the practical need of medical professionals by designing a stylette that more effectively guides a tracheal tube into optimal position.

Team Empowers Wheelchair Shoppers
Biomedical Engineers improve the grocery store experience for 1.5 million manual wheelchair users in the U.S. The team designed a motorized shopping basket for sale to large supermarkets that allows wheelchair shoppers to easily navigate through a store, make large shopping trips, and use their own wheelchairs in stores.

Design Team Fights Hypothermia on the Battlefield
A Biomedical Engineering Senior Design team at Stevens Institute of Technology is working with the U.S. Army and New Jersey physicians to develop a new device to combat hypothermia among wounded soldiers.

Thoracic Catheter Senior Design Team Takes 1st Place at Regional ISPE Competition
Five undergraduate Biomedical Engineering students are working to alleviate pain and other complications that often arise during thoracic surgeries by inventing a novel thoracic catheter that overcomes issues of existing catheter design and introduces a potentially profitable new product for the marketplace.

Microreactor Senior Design Team Invents Portable Hydrogen Reactor for Fuel Cells
Chemical Engineering students are transforming the way that American soldiers power their battery-operated devices by making a small change: a really small change. Capitalizing on the unique properties of microscale systems, the students have invented a microreactor that converts everyday fossil fuels like propane and butane into pure hydrogen for fuel cell batteries. These batteries are not only highly efficient, but also can be replenished with hydrogen again and again for years of resilient performance in the field.


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