Sponsors and Sponsored Projects

The research work in my group is sponsored by government agencies, foundations and associations listed below:

  1. “NAFCs Acoustic Emission Sensors for Real-time Monitoring of Structures,” NSF CMMI #0826418, 09/01/2008-08/31/2011, PI Yong Shi
  2. “MRI: Acquisition of an Inductively Coupled Plasma Etching System for Nano/Micro Device Fabrication,” NSF ECCS #0821606, 09/01/2008-08/31/2011, PI Yong Shi, Co-PIs: Chang-Hwan Choi, Frank Fisher, Stefan Strauf, Eui-Hyeok Yang, Adeniyi Lawal, Hongjun Wang, Xiaojun Yu, Daizong Li
  3. “MEMS Umbrella-shaped Actuator with Active Structure for Medical Applications”, NSF ECCS #0802168, 04/01/2008-03/31/2011, PI Yong Shi, Co-PIs: Sundeep Mangla, Ming Zhang (SUNY, Downstate Medical Center)
  4. “Virtual research experiences for undergraduates in nanotechnology,” NSF-NUE Award No. 053255, 09/01/05-08/31/07, Co-PI with F. Fisher (PI), H. Du, M. Libera, H. Man
  5. “MRI: Acquisition of an instrument for nanoscale manipulation and experimental characterization,” NSF-MRI Award No. 0619762, 09/01/06 – 08/31/09, Co-PI with F. Fisher (PI), H. Du, Z. Zhu


  1. “Energy Harvesting from Energetic Materials,” US Army ARDEC, Yong Shi, Frank Fisher, EH Yang, Chang-Hwan Choi, Souran Manoochehri, Kishore Pochiraju
  2. “Detection of Circulating Cancer Cells using Nano Acoustic Waves,” Department of Defense/Breast Cancer Research Program, 09/01/2009-08/30/2010, Co-PI with Jian Cao (Stony Brook University Medical Center)
  3. "Micro Device Lab,” US Army TACOM-ARDEC, Co-PI with S. Manoochehri, K. Pochiraju


  1. “Multi-scale Simulation Assisted Design of Hybrid Oxidation Tolerant Composites,” Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), 05/01/2009-04/30/2012. Co-PI with Kishore Pochiraju (PI) and G. Tandon (Air Force)


  1. “ASNT fellowship of the American Society of Nondestructive Testing,” 2007