Senior Design II

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BME 424
Senior design courses. Senior design provides, over the course of two semesters, a collaborative design experience with a significant biomedical problem related to human health. The project will often originate with an industrial sponsor or a medical practitioner at a nearby medical facility and will contain a clear implementation objective (i.e. for a medical device). It is a capstone experience that draws extensively on the student’s engineering and scientific background and requires independent judgments and actions. The project generally involves a determination of the medical need, a detailed economic analysis of the market potential, physiological considerations, biocompatibility issues, ease of patient use, an engineering analysis of the design, manufacturing considerations and experimentation and/or prototype construction of the device. The faculty advisor, industrial sponsor or biomedical practitioner works closely with the group to insure that the project meets its goals in a timely way. Leadership and entrepreneurship are nourished throughout all phases of the project. The project goals are met in a stepwise fashion, with each milestone forming a part of a final report with a common structure. Oral and written progress reports are presented to a panel of faculty at specified intervals and at the end of each semester.
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