Faculty and Staff Resources

Faculty and Staff Resources

Stevens Institute of Technology, The Innovation UniversityTM, cultivates a close-knit, supportive community, in which faculty are encouraged to pursue inter- and multi-disciplinary research, establish collaborations with on-campus and regional partners, and develop innovative projects with real-world impact. A wealth of resources exist to help faculty locate and acquire research funding, protect intellectual property, and develop professionally.

Engineering & Science Dean's Office
The Office of the Dean administers the overall strategy and scope of the School of Engineering and Science.

Office of the Provost and University Vice President
The Office of the Provost and University Vice President at Stevens is responsible for aligning the goals of the faculty, students, and administration.

Faculty Administration
Stevens provides a Faculty Handbook to acclimate new faculty to the university culture and answer common questions. The comprehensive Policy and Procedure Library is a compilation of regulations and policies approved by the Institute's Board of Trustees or executive officers. The library includes board policies and certain academic, administrative, operational, and business policies and procedures.

Office of Sponsored Research
The Office of Sponsored Research manages research funding initiatives at the investigator and institutional levels to assist faculty develop funding sources in alignment with the university's research goals. OSR also provides oversight and advises on legal, financial, ethical, and other regulatory matters related to grant use and research processes. This support system allows faculty to focus on their research and teaching commitments with the confidence that the rigorous requirements associated with sponsored research are being fulfilled.

The Faculty Support Center provides pre-award support to the university's researchers, including registering faculty for funding notifications, creating grant submission accounts, preparing pre-award packages for OSR review, and maintaining records of incoming grants. The Proposal Alert System enables a streamlined process by which the OSR and faculty administrators may review a proposal submitted online and make suggestions and corrections before sending to funding organizations. An overview of the simplified, four-step submission process facilitated by the Proposal Management System.

The Research Enterprise

The Office of Research at Stevens coordinates research efforts, setting strategic goals, expressing specific research initiatives, and developing global collaborative partnerships. Three core research thrusts align multi-disciplinary efforts into focused areas with great impact for society. Within the thrusts, The Research Enterprise maintains research faculty profiles targeted to external visitors and key to gaining additional exposure of faculty research efforts.

Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Stevens is redefining academic technology transfer through a culture of innovation that encourages and supports research and development of marketable products. The Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship nurtures this unique university environment through programs and services, particularly Intellectual Property Management and events such as the annual Innovation Exposition. The Inventor's Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the patenting process at Stevens and other services.