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Proposal Submission Procedures

The proposal submission process starts at the time a research faculty member makes the decision that he / she may be submitting a proposal to an agency.  This procedure applies to all research proposals and is intended to streamline the submission process, as well as allow the Faculty Support Center (FSC) and the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) to serve the school better. 

Proposal Management System

Step 1:   Log on the information for the contemplated proposal to the "Proposal Management System" at least five (5) weeks prior to due date, if you plan to respond to a solicitation that has a limit on the number of proposal that can be submitted per university, and at least three (3) weeks before due date for all other proposals.

The FSC and the OSR will be automatically informed of the new contemplated proposal and will be available for assistance and guidance as deemed necessary.

Step 2:   Submit an electronic version of the draft budget and draft proposal to the FSC contact and the Dean for their review at least five (5) days prior to the due date.

Step 3:   Submit final budget, final proposal and all other required documentation in an electronic, or hard copy, form (as required) to the FSC contact and the Dean at least three (3) days prior to due date.

Step 4:   Submit the proposal routing sheet signed by PI(s), Department Direct and the Dean to FSC at least two (2) days prior to due date.

Please be aware that the FSC in working in collaboration with OSR to review and submit your proposal in a timely fashion.  The FSC deadlines reflect the times needed for our review and submission to OSR for their final review and submission on the due date.

Information on the services provided by the Faculty Support Center can be found on the Provost website

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Chrissa Papaioannou (x8051) or David Schultz (x5371):

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