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Stevens Alum Mark Biamonte Named Chief Systems Engineer at Hamilton Sundstrand

Stevens Institute of Technology Alum Mark Biamonte '01 has been named Chief of Systems Engineering for the Space Systems engineering division of Hamilton Sundstrand, part of United Technologies Corporation. In his new role, Biamonte will provide functional leadership to the systems engineering group. He will be responsible for driving efficiencies into the Systems Engineering disciplines through process alignment and automation. Biamonte attributes his success to Stevens' strong Engineering program, and is pursuing a Space Systems Engineering graduate certificate from the school through online Stevens courses offered at Hamilton Sundstrand.

A third-generation engineer, Biamonte first heard of Stevens from his grandfather, a 1947 alumnus. Biamonte knew since high school that he would go into engineering. He chose Mechanical Engineering because of his love of remote control cars and robotics, but soon became enraptured by Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, and Fluid Dynamics, the area he currently specializes in.

Biamonte remembers Stevens as the ideal place to study engineering. "I liked the small campus feel, and I liked the location, especially with NYC across the river." But it was the academics, Biamonte, asserts, that got him where he is today.

"Stevens has taught me the importance of a diverse educational background," Biamonte says. "As a systems engineer you have to be able to trade the impacts of engineering decisions across multiple engineering disciplines." Biamonte says he also developed the ability to pose the right questions at Stevens, an essential component of his job. "A fundamental skill of a Systems Engineer is to dig through the voice of the customer to identify their true needs and to translate those needs into requirements."

Biamonte stresses the importance of time management in industry, a proficiency he developed at Stevens: "The heavy course load of the Bachelor's of Engineering Degree from Stevens really prepares its students for the work environment," he says. He also recommends that students ask questions to tap into the experience and knowledge base of other engineers and gain experience through co-op and internships. "Relevant engineering work experience is a critical part of landing interviews and job offers after graduation."

As an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering major fascinated by NASA and the space program, Biamonte first learned of Hamilton Sundstrand through Greg Quinn, an alum of his fraternity. A meeting with Hamilton Sundstrand representatives at a Stevens career fair led to an interview, and Biamonte soon found himself with not only a Bachelor's of Engineering degree, but a job as well.

"We are extremely proud of the workplace achievements of our former students," says Dr. Constantin Chassapis, Deputy Dean of the Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science and Department Director of Mechanical Engineering. "In so many places Stevens Alumni are making important contributions and filling influential roles. Mark is no exception. I wish him the best of luck in this new assignment."

Now, Biamonte is building on his industry experience and technical prowess to pursue a graduate certificate in Space Systems Engineering through Stevens on-site/online program at Hamilton Sundstrand.

"The classes have been great, and have helped prepare me for my new role as the Chief of Systems Engineering in my department," he says. "I have found that a student needs a little more discipline to receive the same level of knowledge from an online course as an instructor-led classroom. However, the Stevens program is excellent and fosters communication between the students commensurate with a classroom environment. I highly recommend this certificate for anyone in a technical role in the aerospace industry, especially for people involved in human spaceflight."

With the experiences and opportunities Stevens presented, Biamonte was able to take his future into his own hands and take flight. Ten years into his career, he looks back on his engineering accomplishments, but equally relishes in family. "My wife Maureen and I just had our first baby on December 30, 2010 – Owen W. Biamonte. Between that and the new job, 2011 has been an exciting and very exhausting year."

Mark Biamonte
Mechanical Engineering

"Stevens has taught me the importance of a diverse educational background," Biamonte says. "As a systems engineer you have to be able to trade the impacts of engineering decisions across multiple engineering disciplines."