Get to know some members of the Stevens community and their accomplishments!


  • Rachel Kenion
    Chemical Engineering
    Using nanoparticles to fight infection
  • Salme Cook
    Ocean Engineering
    Student combines athletics and engineering
  • Thomas Dabay
    Electrical Engineering
    Science and technology meet philosophy
  • Vania Nettleford
    Computer Science
    Leveraging mobile software to support medical care
  • Ted Reed
    On the cutting edge of theory and design of defense-ready networks
  • Erich Rau
    Mechanical Engineering
    Building a solar-powered home as well as a promising career
  • Spicer Bak
    Ocean Engineering
    Combining the love of surfing with engineering
  • Amanda Diguilio
    Chemical Biology
    Groundbreaking research as an undergrad
  • David Barth
    Mechanical Engineering
    Developing a biomedical device that treats glaucoma while in college
  • Karl Flores
    Mechanical Engineering
    Advancing biomedical engineering through Senior Design and Co-Op
  • Rosemary Garofalo
    Biomedical Engineering
    Collaboration leads to award-winning Digital Triage Assistant
  • Kai Hong
    Computer Engineering
    Engineering the next generation of wireless devices
  • Milan Begliarbekov
    Exploring graphene's potential
  • Spencer English
    Mechanical Engineering
    International real world experience in China


  • Pinar Akcora
    Chemical Engineering
    Using nanotechnology to create self-healing materials
  • Michael Bruno
    Maritime Systems
    Advancing Stevens achievements through student involvement
  • Cristina Comaniciu
    Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Improving wireless communications
  • Vikki Hazelwood
    Biomedical Engineering
    Translating research into clinical application
  • Souran Manoochehri
    Mechanical Engineering
    Exploring new applications in munitions and defense
  • X. Meng
    Environmental Engineering
    Providing safe drinking water around the world
  • Jon Miller
    Ocean Engineering
    Protecting New Jersey's beaches
  • Bruce Parker
    Davidson Laboratories
    Predicting earthquakes and tsunamis
  • Yu-Dong Yao
    Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Showing leadership in wireless security
  • Ting Yu
    Leaping quantum hurdles
  • Yong Zhang
    Modeling drugs and proteins with computational analysis


  • Mark Biamonte
    Mechanical Engineering
    Success through systems engineering
  • Rob Hoar
    Naval Engineering
    Developing the next generation of airplanes
  • Efe Kuyumcu
    Naval Engineering
    Stevens student athlete competes in the Olympics
  • Kate Matos
    Biomedical Engineering
    Applying engineering to healthcare reform
  • Tim Meehan
    Biomedical Engineering and Technology Management
    From biomechanical engineering student to radiology resident
  • Regina Pynn
    Biomedical Engineering and Technology Management
    Pursuing a passion in space systems engineering