SES Outcomes

SES Outcomes
Broad Based Technical Expertise
  • (Scientific Foundations) an understanding of the scientific and mathematical basis of engineering (ABET Criterion 3-a)
  • (Engineering Foundations) the ability to use applied scientific knowledge (ABET Criterion 3-e)
  • (Experimentation) the ability to design experiments, conduct experiments, and analyze experimental data (ABET Criterion 3-b)
  • (Technical Design) the technical ability to design a prescribed engineering subsystem (ABET Criterion 3-c)
  • (Design Assessment) the ability to develop and assess alternative system designs based on technical and non-technical criteria (ABET Criterion 3-c)
  • (Tools) an ability to use the relevant tools necessary for engineering practice (ABET Criterion 3-k)
Professional Advancement and Communications
  • (Professionalism) the ability to recognize and achieve high levels of professionalism in their work (ABET Criterion 3-f)
  • (Leadership) an ability to assume leadership roles (ABET Criterion 3-d)
  • (Teamwork) the ability to function on teams (ABET Criterion 3-d)
  • (Communication) the ability to communicate effectively and persuasively (ABET Criterion 3-g)
World View and Personal Development
  • (Ethics and morals) a critical understanding of ethical and moral systems in a social context (ABET Criterion 3-f)
  • (Social issues) an understanding of contemporary social issues including the interaction of technology with society, as well as an appreciation of diversity and pluralism (ABET Criterion 3-h, j)
  • (Lifelong learning) a recognition of the need for and an ability to engage in lifelong learning and development (ABET Criterion 3-i)
  • (Entrepreneurship) have a fundamental knowledge and an appreciation of the technology and business processes necessary to nurture new technologies from concept to commercialization

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