Achivements and Noteworthy Accomplishments

Pi Tau Sigma congratulates the achievements of the meebers who are graduates of class of 2013. The following is a brief summary.

  • Richard Wegenroth was the recipient of the Eugene Fezandie Award for best overall performance by a graduating senior in Mechanical Engineering in the sequence of junior and senior year Mechanical Engineering courses.
  • Richard Wegenroth was also among a group of six recipients of the recently established Farber Award to create awareness among students of the impact their innovation can have on society at large and the power it has to improve lives all over the world.
  • Mason Compton was the recipient of the Andrew Carnegie Machine Systems Award for being an outstanding student in Machine Systems and Design.
  • Aaron Perelman received the Arthur J. Grymes award for demonstrating greatest interest and proficiency in fluid mechanics.
  • Trevor Jaye was the recipient of the Richard B. Cole Award for demonstrating high academic performance, integrity, and personal dedication.
  • Trevor Jaye was also a member of the design team that received the Senior Design Project Award for outstanding capstone design project in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Darin China and Samantha Weisman were the recipients of the Elie Fonrose Award for his promise of advancement in the field of aerospace engineering.
  • Mikelann Scerbo received the Col. John Stevens Power and Energy Systems Award for being the outstanding student of Power and Energy Systems.
  • Philip Clark was the recipient of the Fernando Sisto Award for his outstanding performance in Turbomachinery and Aerospace.
  • Mikelann Scerbo was also a co-recipient of the Career Development Award—Personal Career Growth for demonstrating a focused approach to professional development by identifying a career path and exploring careers relevant to academic studies and personal interests throughout her years at Stevens.
  • Joseph Bastelli, Mason Compton, Thomas McMenamin, Patrick Meyer, Aaron Perelman and Richard Wengenroth received both a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering with High Honors as well as a Master of Engineering Degree.
  • The Stevens Office of Academic Entrepreneurship has recently established the Elevator Pitch Award and the Project Plan Pitch Award to exemplify academic entrepreneurship and to promote a concise and effective presentation of an idea or design concept to potential donors and funding groups. Mason Compton, Trevor Jaye and Mikelann Scerbo were among the recipients of the Elevator Pitch Award; while Philip Clark and Aaron Perelman were among the recipients of the Project Plan Pitch Award.
  • At the state level, Darin China, Lindsay Crossan, Mikelann Scerbo, and Samantha Weisman were selected from Stevens to receive the NASA New Jersey Space Grant Fellowship for their outstanding academic record. As part of this state-wide award they each participated in a research project of aerospace relevance and presented a research paper and poster at the state-wide NASA New Jersey Space Grant meeting (at Rutgers University) to highlight their work.
  • Jared Crean, was commended and recognized by the City of Hoboken as a member of the core group of six students from Stevens who took on the enormous challenge of coordinating hundreds of volunteers who reported to the City Hall during the recovery from Super-storm Sandy in hopes of assisting victims of the storm. Without electricity and with a total lack of supervision, these students assigned duties, managed projects, and even directly helped those in need by bringing water, food, batteries, blankets, medical prescriptions and other supplies to residents stranded in their homes.
  • Many of the Stevens Pi Tau Sigma chapter graduating class of 2013 were also members of Tau Beta Pi, the Engineering Honor Society.

Special Events

  • The Senior Dinner hosted by ME faculty for graduating seniors, alumni and staff was held on May 14th, 2013.
  • Senior Design Day was held concurrently with the Innovation and Design Expo on April 24, 2013. 
  • The chapter again successfully organized and implemented an academic tutoring program for the mechanical engineering undergraduate students during the fall and spring terms. The event covered all core engineering topics for the sophomore and junior class with a special review during the final exam period.
  • Several members of the Stevens Phi Omicron chapter of Pi Tau Sigma actively participated in both campus-wide and city-wide disaster relief activities associated with Super-storm Sandy during November 2013. On Feb. 15, 1013 Hoboken Mayor Honorable Dawn Zimmer joined the Founder’s Day celebration to officially recognize the contributions of the Stevens community just a few months ago, when Super-storm Sandy struck the area and downed power lines, toppled trees, and flooded homes, businesses and streets. In her Founder’s Day speech, Zimmer said the incredible contributions of these students – as well as many others – to the Hoboken volunteer effort were instrumental in the city overcoming unparalleled challenges to the safety and welfare of its residents. When the city was in dire need, these students put others before themselves. They were innovative in solving problems and efficient in coordinating the relief effort, profoundly impacting countless members of the community in the process.
  • The Stevens Phi Omicron chapter again assisted the Mechanical Engineering Department with the open house for accepted students, which was hosted by Stevens on Sunday, April 21, 2013. In addition to volunteering their time for the various laboratory tours and for interactions with the students and parents several senior capstone design projects.
  • Spring 2013 Initiation and Elections were held on May 1, 2013. Congratulations to the new initiates and the new Executive Committee.


Graduate and Undergraduate Commencements of 2013 were held on Thursday, May 23th, at 10:30am and 3:00pm, respectively.

Our Congratulations to the Graduates of 2013!

  • Abdul Hamid, Muhammad Nabil
  • Bastelli, Joseph M.
  • Benensky, Jason M.
  • Clark, Philip A.
  • Compton, Mason T.
  • Darin, China
  • Fidalgo, Alexandre F.
  • Hubner, Michael J.
  • Jaye, Trevor T.
  • Lanigan, John J., III
  • McMenamin, Thomas D.
  • Meyer, Patrick
  • Mohd Yunus, Muhammad Iqbal
  • Pawlikowski, Alexander R.
  • Perelman, Aaron M.
  • Scerbo, Mikelann
  • Supernavage, Peter A.
  • Wegenroth, Richard J.
  • Weisman, Samantha J.

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