Office of Research

Welcome to the Office of Research at Stevens Institute of Technology, The Innovation UniversityTM. The Office of Research centers itself around academic research, national research centers, and cross-cutting research initiatives, along with supporting organizations and infrastructure. Creative and entrepreneurial research is an integral part of the Stevens mission. Building Communities for Research in focused areas has been a top priority of the Office of the Provost. Such communities are bound by a common purpose to achieve something distinct, to cross over department and school boundaries, and are the cornerstone of the extended research enterprise, which is supported as a top institutional priority. The fundamental principles governing the research environment at Stevens are Inventiveness, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship (ICE). The learning environment created at Stevens involves students, faculty, and colleagues from government and industry, who all work together from invention to market realization of technology. The Office of Research provides incentives, support, and encouragement in building and sustaining cross-disciplinary clusters within such communities.

Academic excellence truly is the foundation of all research at Stevens. Our outreach is global with strong ties to China, India, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, the Gulf States, Germany, France, the UK, Finland, Sweden, Greece, and Africa. Whether your passion is teaching, discovery, invention, commercialization, or a blend of all of these, if you think you have what it takes to contribute to a world-class academic research team, we would like to invite you to browse our pages, consider what we are about, and contact us, whether for collaboration or to join us in the faculty, student body, or research community.


Successful research typically results in intellectual property on which we continue to build, as well as in application and market realization of the knowledge created. Entrepreneurship is generated bottom-up as students learn to turn new ideas and implementations into opportunities by creating business plans for projects, maturing rough IP into larger projects, and successfully spinning out start-up companies. Our creative environment driven by the Office of Research creates opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship.


The Office of Research at Stevens mentors researchers of all levels of experience in connecting to critical national and global problem sets, especially via interdisciplinary teams. Whether leading or collaborating with the world's most prominent researchers, innovation is what we are about.

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) at Stevens provides pre-award proposal preparation assistance and sponsor compliance assurance through the Faculty Support Center, as well as provides post-award project administration and tracking of project resources and deliverables.