Center for Healthcare Innovation (CHI)

Advancing medical technology and improving healthcare delivery are some of our most urgent and complex societal challenges, especially as costs continue to rise on a steady upward trajectory. In 2012, the healthcare industry contributed $2.87 trillion to the US economy, representing approximately one fifth of the nation’s GDP.

The university-wide Center for Healthcare Innovation (CHI) seeks solutions to these challenges through education, research and partnerships that connect the fields of biology, engineering and computer science. The CHI also works to strengthen the healthcare workforce by identifying skill gaps and adapting or creating curricula designed to address those gaps.

Over 50 university faculty members from diverse academic disciplines are affiliated with the CHI, as well as undergraduate and graduate students from every school within the university, to tackle major issues in medical technology and healthcare delivery. The major goals of the CHI are to advance existing activities in healthcare at Stevens and to develop and guide new research and educational initiatives to drive further healthcare innovation.

As Stevens’ first overarching and university-wide healthcare center, CHI enables Stevens to leverage existing core competencies to deliver on its mission. It also performs new types of research only made possible through interdisciplinary collaboration. Stevens is currently home to more than a dozen core facilities and laboratories in which students and faculty conduct innovative healthcare research.

The CHI pursues patenting of intellectual property and commercialization. Entrepreneurship is a core element of the educational and research experience at Stevens, and the university has a notable track record of bringing to market technologies and launching healthcare companies based on university research.

Many of the activities of the CHI are conducted in close collaboration with healthcare industry partners, including hospitals, medical schools, and pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, diagnostic, contract research and insurance companies. Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC), a nonprofit teaching and research hospital, which has partnered with Stevens on joint biomedical education programs, is one key partner. Another is Georgetown University School of Medicine (GUSM), a leader in clinical medical research.

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