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20.5.2  Faculty Workload

In addition to teaching, research and/or the development and implementation of special educational programs, the workload includes the participation in departmental or institutional committees and other professional activities. Each individual's workload shall be assigned by his/her Department Director and reviewed by the Dean of the individual's School.

The maximum teaching load averaged over the academic year shall be twelve contact hours per week. It is expected that members of the regular faculty performing research and/or other appropriate scholarly activities would not be assigned the maximum teaching load. The maximum teaching load would be assigned only in those cases where there is no evidence of research activities such as submission of proposals, publication of research papers in refereed journals, publication of textbooks, and presentation of research papers at professional society meetings. A reduced individual teaching load for research and other scholarly activities is granted by the Department Director with the approval of the Dean of the School, such reductions to be commensurate with the individual's level of research and other scholarly activities.