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20.5.1  Faculty Responsibilities

A faculty member, in accepting an appointment, has a principal obligation to identify his/her professional welfare with the welfare of Stevens. His/Her responsibilities include the specific items listed below. No priority of importance is implied by the ordering, and all items are not necessarily expected to the same degree from each faculty member.  Effective teaching and counseling.

This involves adequate and timely preparation for classes, maintenance of high professional standards of quality, participation in the Institute's course evaluation program, counseling students on curricular and professional matters, and seeking outside support for the development of educational programs.  Conducting basic and/or applied research or improving an art.

This includes advising thesis and dissertation students, seeking financial support from outside sources, and keeping abreast of professional developments.  Writing and publishing professional papers, textbooks or other scholarly works.   Participating in outside professional activities appropriate to the above responsibilities at other academic institutions, professional societies, and/or industrial and government agencies.   Participating in Stevens' institutional and departmental committee work and in regular Institute official functions such as faculty meetings, convocation, and commencement.   Devoting at least five days per week during the academic year when regular classes are in session to discharge the above listed responsibilities. At least four days a week shall be on campus unless absence is required in which case the individual's Department Director's approval shall be obtained. Such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.