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20.5  Faculty

The term Chief Academic Officer refers to the individual responsible for all academic (educational and research) programs. The specific title of the Chief Academic Officer may change from time to time (Dean of the Faculty and Provost have been the most common in the past); at present the Chief Academic Officer is the Chair of the Deans' Council. The term regular faculty member refers to a full-time member of the teaching faculty with an appointment carrying the rank of Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor; the individual must be either tenured or on tenure-track No person enrolled for a degree at Stevens may be a regular faculty member. An individual whose rank contains any of the words "Affiliate," "Adjunct," "Research," "Visiting," or any other modifier of "Instructor" or the three professorial ranks will not be considered a regular faculty member.

20.5.1  Faculty Responsibilities

20.5.2  Faculty Workload

20.5.3  Faculty Consulting

20.5.4  Leaves of Absence

20.5.5  Promotion and Tenure

20.5.6  Joint Appointment of Faculty

20.5.7 Endowed Chairs and Professorships