Patent Number: 6801131
Title: Device and method for detecting insects in structures
Inventors: Dimitri Donskoy, Nikolay Sedunov
Abstract: A device and method for detecting the presence of insects in a structure utilize a plurality of transceivers, each of which generates separate and distinct microwave signals and receives separate and distinct signals reflected from a structure being tested. The reflected signals received by each of the transceivers are processed, for instance by a microprocessor, so as to provide output signals that indicate the presence or absence of insects in the structure. If most or all of the transceivers receive positive signals indicative of the possible presence of insects in the structure, which is a false indication of the presence of insects, the microprocessor distinguishes this false indication from an actual indication of the presence of insects, thereby enabling the detection of insects despite the existence of motion signals caused by non-insect motion.
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